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  • I have to join in the call for this simple functionality to be available from within the same app. I have 3 Tado Systems, one at main home, one at holiday home and one at my elderly mother's home and like the previous post I have to have 3 separate accounts and have to switch between each of the accounts meaning I never receive any notification of the other 2 accounts.

    This cannot be rocket science Tado, please sort it out! It's been too long!!

  • Hi

    Clearly a popular request, I have requested this myself directly with Tado but they referred me back here.

    The way I have got around the issue so far is using different devices (ipad, iPhones and web in different browsers and logging into the different accounts). Due to the fact that you can only have one app per device and the main issue which is the app can only cope with one account login as each property has its own account/login.

    Not easy juggling different devices to manage your heating in multiple properties to the point now where I would have to opt for another solution to be able to have the app on the same device I have the Tado app on.

    I would prefer having one account that I can add multiple internet bridge (named to each property/sub account) and then being able to manage each property by switching homes in the app. There would be a different ip addresses/MAC address for the different bridges in each location. That is the main hurdle. After that you can just treat each home as a separate system.

    Come on Tado?

  • This is embarassing. Since this basic suggestion dates 2018 which is just 5 years ago, If I just didn't spen some 400€ on tado devices I would definitely move to any other manifacturer.

    This is really disappointing.

  • Registered here just to add a comment for this "basic" feature still missing. Can't believe it.....
  • Tado any update on this feature?
  • TCS

    Need this feature, when will you be implementing it Tado?

  • K_T

    @Rob I suppose that there may be some intelligence built into the locations that are relatively close to each other. Either by manually tagging them as "home", "office", "holiday home" etc. and/or using pattern learning (if I am normally travelling from Location A to location B on weekday mornings and in the other directions on weekday evenings and location C is usually only visited over the weekends it is not too hard to anticipate, that location A is home, location B is office and location C is holiday home. There may be occasions, where e.g. this will not be perfect (e.g. I happen to go to the office one Saturday) so it won't be pre-heated on time. However I think it is a relatively little problem. I think most of us would rather wait 15-20 mins for the office to warm up rather than wait another 5 years for the technology fix.

    More so - this could be partly done even now by disabling geo-location in current schedules in certain time blocks (a bit archaic but hey - better than nothing).

    You could also add the option "Heading to this location" to temporarily override the settings (in a way similar to the way "boost" works). Or if app is confused as to where you are going just show a pop up so we can manually tell the app what's happening.

    Honestly it doesn't seem that hard.

    And again - allow adding/being added as a guest with limited controls.

  • I think a simple rule can fix this Tado.... If you have multiple accounts you either forfeit geo at one location or turn off the geo location..

    I have a workaround using my house automation but did consider setting up a services help others but don't think people will want to pay.

    A solution that could work for everyone outside of tado is using and setting locations to turn the heating on and off.

    Another idea is maybe using routines in Alexa, of course these ideas don't fully give control but may help a lot of people on this chat.
  • Please get this fixed asap. Many multi home users are super spreaders and your best promoters.

  • I recently installed a Tado wireless starter kit at my mother-in-law's house and was impressed by its performance. So much impressed that I'm thinking about installing a Tado system at my own house. But I discovered that you cannot control two systems on the same app without using different accounts and logging off and on all the time. What the ****!! Apple Homekit does this effortlessly.

    Please correct this oversight ASAP!!!

  • I would also like to be able to control my two homes that both have tado installed.

    I would like to be logged in on one account and have access to multiple homes.

    I would like to easily switch from one home to the other in the tado Main screen..

    I would like the tado main screen to automatically show me the home that is closed to my current location.

    I would like my geolocation to influence my home/away state for all homes that I have access to.
  • K12

    Chciałbym również móc kontrolować moje dwa domy, w których oba mają zainstalowane tado.

    Chciałbym być zalogowany na jednym koncie i mieć dostęp do wielu domów.

    Chciałbym łatwo przełączać się z jednego domu do drugiego na ekranie głównym tado.

    Chciałbym, aby główny ekran tado automatycznie pokazywał mi dom, który jest zamknięty dla mojej bieżącej lokalizacji.

    Chciałbym, aby moja geolokalizacja wpływała na mój stan domu/poza domem we wszystkich domach, do których mam dostęp.

  • Hi all,

    I also want that Tado implement this feature that a user can switch between multiple home's/properties! Please implement this feature as soon as possible!

    We are waiting tooo long for this...

  • AGD
    This has been requested far too many times. I enquired about this years ago and was told it was in the roadmap. Years down the line and no sign of it.
    Desperate need of it now especially given the energy crisis the world is in, need Tado to help save energy at both properties and this situation doesn’t help
  • Same issue, sadly figuring wrong product for the job

    So frustrating, they (Tado) could own it, c'mon OWN IT

  • It looks as if the guys from Tado are not very reactive or am I missing something? This should be easy to implement. Common please Tado - for Xmas :-)

  • Absolutely agree - I want to be able to manage multiple homes, and it is a huge pain switching homes.

  • Many years have passed and there is still no sign of any progress on adding multiple locations. I'd like to add a second Tado system to my office, but there is no facility to do so on the app. It makes no sense. We the customers are less likely to invest in the Tado ecosystem if it cannot grow with us.

  • It worries me the most, even time I open a email Tado is being advertised (Screwfix to name one but et al in the UK).

    Feels to me hardware first £££, software 10th.

    I bought a Tesla because it was a mature product but always under development, new software monthly, new features monthly...

    Tado.... fantastic piece of kit, software unchanged - same old piece of.

    Sad thing, which they may not get - we are invested we all want this product be everything we wanted it to be when we invested in the hardware.

    Adopt the Tesla models guys, invest in your devs and support groups, you'll never look back

    Have gone WiFi enabled in the new place, sorry Tado

  • FYI - went Wi-Fi as the back end was the nuts, not just because it was Wi-Fi, interoperability covered

  • Does Tado sometimes answer their customers? Does Tado respect their customers?

  • Many years have passed and there is still no sign of any progress on adding multiple locations. I'd like to add a second Tado system to my office, but there is no facility to do so on the app. It makes no sense. We the customers are less likely to invest in the Tado ecosystem if it cannot grow with us.

  • Come on Tado, we need this already! I recently installed a kit in my home and I'm now convinced it is "perfection" . I want to install it in our holiday house, at my parent's house, in my girlfriend's apartment, and so on. No one wants the hassle of moving between us a favour and make the multi home feature your first 2023 resolution!!!

  • Yet another vote. Really need this for the office and home

  • This has nothing to do with the device generation and all to do with the app and geofencing handling, it only requires software development on that side…
  • HHH

    Still waiting for this...