Multi Home Support



  • I created an account here just to vote for this feature.

    We were considering putting a tado system in our main residence, but if we can’t easily swap between locations in the app then there is little point.

    We’ll have to look for an alternative vendor. Shame though, as we quite like tado.
  • One solution is just to have more than one account - that just needs using two different email addresses. I have one device (an iPad) for controlling one location, and another device (an iPhone) for controlling another. It would certainly be nicer if the same app could be used to select between different locations, but this solution is definitely usable.

  • Where is this feature ?

    Have three locations with heating yet we can only use the system properly in one. Time to consider alternatives
  • Why is it still not available... This is one of the most requested feature and it is a real pain to reconnect every time to a new account... There is a set up procedure every time we connect on another location... This company is not listening to its customers
  • Kit
    :# buy a Samsung phone and activate the Knox secure folder function. You can install a separate version of the app in there and log on to your second home. You can then run 2 tado systems side by side on one phone. As far as I am aware only higher spec Samsung phones have this facility.
  • How SAD is this. Just bought a complete extra Tado system for the office, but the app can't be used for multiple locations. Why is such basic functionality missing? Wake up Tado, it's 2021!

  • Certainly needed. I have a main house and an Airbnb next door. At the moment I have a tado and hive. I’d like both to be tado but not currently possible!
  • Glad I found this topic. It seems that tado isn't following up on this feature? I have Tado in our second home and I am considering to use Tado at home as well. But apparently that's a bad idea? Anybody any advise on what to use instead of Tado for my situation? Should I migrate my home and second home to another solution?

  • :) I would like to see multi home support.

    My partner and I live in different homes at almost opposite ends of the UK. We both have Tado set up.

    I would expect the owner of the home, the primary account holder, to invite additional people the same as they do at present and for the additional home to be visible in the users' app and online account.

    The user could toggle between homes for general management and the app should recognise which location the user is in and display that by default.
  • +1 from me as well. Using two accounts is painful.

  • Please add multi-home support. It's a must-have for a lot of people.

    Thank you.

  • It's been a long time (several years) since I raised the multiple home option with tado. This would allow me to look after vulnerable people in the village and also the village hall without resorting to multiple devices with separate devices to control them.

    Other home apps have this facility and it's about time tado listened to its users and made this feature available.

  • carlodpl
    +1 for multiple home management also from me. Wake up tado!
  • +1 for multiple home management. This is a must.

  • XKRMonkey

    I agree that multi-home support would be a great value-add for Tado (and many dozens or hundreds of other IoT things that suffer from the same basic challenges):

    1. Multi-home support
    2. MFA Support
    3. Clean and simple transfer of ownership

    One of the things I have come across on my general Smart Home (IoT) journey is that most of this tech has a degree of permanence - they are home improvements. So what happens when I sell my home and need to leave at least the fixed tech (like Tado) behind for the next user ?

    I have realised that a smart home needs it's own "smart controller account" that acts as the keeper of the master account for that tech - Tado, Ring, EWELink and many others, and then use the "invite others" to join that household. Creating a free gmail/outlook/icloud/other email account is a simple task and takes moments. Create one that links back to the property uniquely (Perhaps No57-BB1-1GH@ or some other approach) that can be the registration email account for all the fixed tech in the property, and then register (or if possible move existing accounts over) to the new email account address.

    I went a step further and acquired a couple of older iPhone handsets (IOS is my preference, bite me 😁), and linked them to the same property-centric account (yes, it was easiest to use for me, you make your own choices). Now, we have a couple of handsets that have all the smart apps plus email for that house mail address, no SIMs, just WiFi, that stay at home and can override the key settings. Each family member has an invitation via their own personal for any relevant apps. My wife can never accuse me of having "master" access that she doesn't - she can pick up a master device anytime she likes.

    If and when we need to move on from this home, then we can hand over a couple of handsets and a set of passwords to the email account that belongs here (I use a password safe for everything, so the master handset has it's own safe with just the app passwords for things installed). I don't need to start phoning support people that don't care or deal with T&C's claiming that things are not transferable.

    Back to the "it would be nice to do multi property" - yes it would. But if I want to log on to another account, using the unique home email credentials for a given property, it's not really very hard or onerous. Generally I want my phone showing me the property I am in, but if I am about to travel to another place, changing to that property is a few moments effort.

    Feel free to comment (or like/dislike) any of my posts - despite what my mother told me as a child, my wife has proven often that I am far from perfect.

    Have a great day !

  • GIA

    Yep - created an account to vote for this - badly needed. Given Tado have a limited model for recurring revenue, most of their income must be coming from selling systems. Yet the lack of this feature is actively preventing sales and I can’t believe the development effort would outweigh the additional income. From a users perspective this seems like a no-brainer. Adding extra buttons to the UI or adding cut and paste features will NOT sell more hardware! Adding this feature will!

  • tbe

    Same here, will be forced to buy another system because tado cannot support multiple homes.

  • +1

    I just ordered a thermostat with 12 radiator knobs, and can't really use them now :(

  • Is there anyone from tado reading this? This requirement is quite old and I would like to see some relevant feedback when we can expect multi-home feature to be ready for use. If it's not on the list, it's fair to say it so people who need it can switch to other platforms. Thank you.

  • +1 this is an important feature that's missing

  • +1

    This is such a basic facility to have I'm amazed this hasn't been developed yet.

  • Without that feature I will change supplier.

  • very surprised that there is no support for multi houses

    bought a second kit and how can I set it up now?

  • The need to have more than one home on Tado app/account is essential. I have just discovered that with two Tado controlled homes geo location is not going to work when we are in the same property and only one of us can control each home. Tado are going to lose customers without this I suspect.

  • BODR

    Not having multisite functionality is shocking and a major shortcoming of the Tado system. Like many others, I purchased Tado equipment for a second system, confident in the belief that this essential functionality would be available in any system that claims to be ‘grown-up’. The absence of any comment from the company is adding insult to injury. Please Tado be more professional and customer centric and add this capability without furthest Vacillation.

  • Hi All,

    I would like to upvote this topic as well. I really like the tado and chose it over other systems but this feature is sorely lacking. Can it please be added to the roadmap again?

  • eck
    edited January 2022

    Until Tado has integrated the multi-home feature you can use this solution:

    Register your second home/system with a different email address and control one home/system with the Tado App and the other one with a browser.

    If you want to control both homes/systems only with the Tado app (for full functionality) create a clone of the Tado app with Knox Secure (Android). I have two Tado apps on one phone and can control both homes/systems simultaneously without any problem.

  • Thanks exactly what I did, but
    1/ I’m on iOS
    2/ that’s why I used the web portal, but it’s not as
    Convenient as the app : the web UI does not provide the same feature as the app
  • Another vote for Multi Home feature in the app.
  • Yes me too, we installed a Tado system in one of our rental studios.

    I really like the system but for now, we cant use the Tado system for our other studios and locations:-(