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  • Mind Blown... this must be the only company that does not support this feature!!!

  • Linas

    I see that this problem is facing more Tado users in community, TADO should do an update in app and make it possible to have 2 diferent houses and make custumer better experiace, I dont have 2 emails or 2 mobile phones, but I could buy three aparments and what to do then? to have 3 mobile phones? that is not logical, please note this problem and make an update to the system:)

  • Yes, I hope this feature comes soon!
    I am planning to buy more tado’s, but I am looking at other brands for the moment
  • Multi home support clearly is difficult for Tado. They've had years to sort out a solution and haven't managed it.

    How far can you get with adding another Zone into the main house and can you assign that Zone a separate smart thermostat and internet bridge ie to control a different boiler? Like an annexe that wasn't physically in the main home. That I assume would give you basic heating controls like schedules.

    If you can do those two things then:

    How much extension to the zone system would be needed to give it a different geographic location to the main house ie it's actually a second home but we call it a zone as a complete separate home seems beyond the tado ecosystem constraints.

    If you can have another internet bridge hooked into another subset of controllers. If you can have an internet bridge with a specified location then it should be possible to have a separate zone in a different location and have it working just the same but within the confines of one app and one account.

    The hard bit is probably geo-fencing control and deciding which place you are going to.

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    The hard bit is probably geo-fencing control and deciding which place you are going to.

    That's exactly the issue. Adding a multi home feature without multi home geofencing is relatively easy, but also a kind of flawed feature. If you have a holiday home far from home or are renting out apartments or similar I assume it's not that big an issue, but when you have tado at home and at an office (for example) you'd switch between locations often and you'd want the geofencing to also work. That's the hard part, as it fundamentally interferes with how we currently handle app users.

    I can share though that this topic has returned (firmly!) on the list of priorities of our developers. What I cannot share (as it's unknown at this point) is if, when and how it will be implemented.

  • I don't think the second location would be relevant for geo fencing, when you setup the app you select which location geo is assigned too no? It's kinda resolved then, most seem to be a holiday home or an office which I would not use geo location for anyway.
  • hello we need multi house support for home and office, is this really taking since 2018? will it be released any time soon?
  • Does anybody have experience with tado alternative for second location?
  • My work around is using home assistant but that's not going to help many people... I have created Zones and when in that zone the heating is set to home. Not sure why Tado cannot copy what I am doing.
  • I can see multiple other posts but they are becoming stale so I am simply adding a new one.

    Tado when is the option being added to the app so we can control a second home. I find it surprising and to be honest, disgusting that this is not already a feature. I can see 3 years of complaints and an Admin person stating in April that it just keeps falling off the to do list.

  • ZbignieM


    I confirm and I do not understand why the manufacturer cannot do what NETAMO already has, I am changing slowly, additionally there is no geofencing option for each user, why should I buy this option, how it works as it wants, I think that the child leaves the house and his room from the vending machine decreases, and not when everyone leaves, after all, he may be sick and sit at home, then this option does not work.


    Potwierdzam, i nie rozumiem, dlaczego producent nie może tego dokonać co ma już NETAMO, ja powoli się przesiadam, dodatkowo brakuje opcji geofencing dla każdego z użytkowników, po co mam wykupować tą opcję, jak działa jak chce, uważam że dziecko wychodzi z domu i jego pokój z automatu się zmniejsza, a nie jak wszyscy wyjdą, przecież może być chore i siedzieć w domu, wtedy ta opcja nie działa.

  • The issue Tado say is geo-fencing cannot be done.... Well I would rather be able to control my homes from one app then worry about geo-fencing which I don't use anyway...
  • Linas

    Is there some manual way to set away mode in one room and home in room nr. 2?

    i need it because of smart AC now has nice automatic turn on/off funcion but it works only in away mode, but in the apartment nr2 i live and want to have schedule of temp. That can be done only in home mode.

    how could i seperate these two and could cotrol in one app?

  • Bast
    Same thing here, I’m still not sure to buy Tado for a second home because of this.
  • I'd say geofencing is practically a non issue, if compared to the issue of lack of multi home. For people that come and go from one of two places there are basically two options and both are very easy to accommodate.
    1 - If you'd like to keep geofencing in both places, what is the issue really? They are two location which will respond the same way to your GPSs as as it moves. If it were an office as already mentioned, the problem of geofencing would remain even if you only had tado there. In a shared environment where not everyone has tado, you can't really use geofencing anyway.
    2 - You enable geofencing in only one home. You get to control manually one easily, whilst the other in automated way with the geofencing.

    This would even make tado more money as I'd put the subscription for the premium feature as per home. What am I missing here?
  • Multiple properties need to be supported for one installation of the app.
    Even if you have to manually switch between them. At least make it so that you don't need to log out and in again!
  • Multi-Home? - Don't use TADO they don't care

    In the last >15 years, I have sent numerous emails to the dev team and directors asking for this and as easy option explaining that the process of logging out and back in is a 10+ step process requesting it to be simplified / multi profiles, if they can't do the real fix.

    Tado is not even interested in making this tedious process less tedious - whoever is driving the development team is probably happy with their choices - I certainly am not.

    Do not expect that Tado will EVER do anything about this because it is hard they can't even be bothered to do anything about simplifying the login / out process. Save your breath and log out from this forum. It is just therapy to allow people to talk about stuff so that Tado don't need to do anything about it.

  • Indeed Tado is well functioning - but the denial of this important feature makes me look for another solution to my homes.

    It is simply a very important feature - a lot of other providers have made - I think you will miss a lot of users not providing this possibility. I cant recommand tado - sorry 😒

  • I also have this problem and discovered this only after purchasing my second tado 



    Can you please bring this up the priority order on the development list?

  • please fix this Tado - surely this is an easy modification?

  • I would imagine that multi home support is of no interest to 99.9% of Tado customers and that is why it isn't a priority for the company to fix.

    If you want this functionality look elsewhere.

  • if your not official tado support but out...

  • K_T
    Indeed - seems like a relatively easy fix with not much of a development effort. I think it affects more people than anticipated above - but even if not the efforts should be justifiable even for a tiny handful of people.
    Also allow the "guest" feature - having different permission level. In addition I should be able not only to have more than one properties of my own but also be able to use the same profile as a guest when invited by other houseowner.
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    @derwynr you’re on the community forum mate (also it’s ‘butt’).
  • GIA


    Not sure this response is all that helpful. You could apply the same logic to any request - given any requested new feature the actual number of people who would consider it critical will be quite small.

    Judging by the number of people who have been adding to this thread I would suggest there are enough people looking for this feature for it to be worth considering. And let's face it, why wouldn't a company add a feature that encourages consumers to buy more of their product?!

    And your last point really sums it up. You said look elsewhere, which of course always remains an option, but if other systems have decided it's worthwhile to include support for multiple locations, why hasn't Tado?

  • @GIA

    Tado have sold over 2 million thermostats so I don't think they are having a problem selling their product.

    This feature request has been open now for nearly 4 years, has attracted only 206 votes and there is still no indication from Tado when or whether it will be ever be developed.

    If multi home is a critical function for you then the only option is to look elsewhere, surely?

  • GIA


    All fair points - but let's assume only 1% of their customers wanted this feature - that's an extra 20K thermostats. Given a thermostat costs around GBP 75 - that's ~GBP 1.5 million and that's excluding extension kits etc. And this is effectively repeat business which is generally considered easy money (less marketing effort, less support etc). 1.5 mill might make it worth the effort no?

  • It's also worth noting how many have read this and gone elsewhere and the one that bought on and left Tado... I think Tado spreadsheet does not have that column. 🤣
  • This option is "must have" !