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  • 314ti
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    I've just bought a second system for the holiday house. Almost 1.000 EUR invested before reading this topic - I think I did a big mistake.

    @Tado - Is there any chance to add this feature in the near future or should I just return the system?

  • Return the system, they will not even respond or give feedback, this post has been open years. Unless your technical like myself and have a control system outside of Tado you cannot do anything. Have a look at ITTT to see if that does what you want or stay signed in on different browser apps to work around it.

  • johnnyp78
    johnnyp78 ✭✭✭
    @314ti if you’re not going to be using the holiday home regularly you could probably just create a separate account and set and forget it. Or go the weather compensation route, which really is set and forget.
  • Hello Tado, where is multi-house availability? you are wasting time and credibility after 5 years of "nothing".

  • Besides my house, I have also an office.

    I wish I could use one account to manage both properties!

  • Tado, please can you implement multi house support?

    How hard can it be?

  • Not going to happen..........

  • I just thought I'd add a post to say that I would really like this feature. I hope Tado are listening to us!

  • I don't think Tado cares about customers or what they think… they only care about their own mindset!

    two questions that come up often without any reply from Tado is:

    Why not offer multi-home support?

    Why is it not possible to set the temperature below 16 degrees Celsius (it would be a very useful feature to keep a cottage frost free)?

  • Hello. Please implement multi home support asap. I was about to invest in the Tado Air Con x 3 for my vacation home but I will probably look at Sensibo now in order to have two different apps running on phone.
  • I’m not saying this isn’t going to happen at some point, but the first post in this thread is from 2018…
  • OK @johnnyp78.......I'll say it
    It's not gonna happen.....not with the current generation of tado devices....
    There..... I said it
  • +1 Support - Unbelievable this has been asked for since 2018…
  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭✭

    Hard to believe there’s anyone left believing it’ll happen.

  • paul0000
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    How about a simple process like MS Teams does where you can switch between accounts (primary and guest) to access different setups.

    Whilst I don't own an additional home I completely agree with the comments here this is a big oversight. Sadly the volume of responses (aka none) from tado shows how likely support for this will be 🤨

  • Fingers crossed for multi-location Tado in 2023 Montage!

  • XKRMonkey
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    Sadly, I agree with the general disbelief that Tado bother a single jot about this community and it’s requests, ideas or reports posted by users, who they seem to believe are corner case “Power Users” and not worth interacting with.

    For those struggling with multi home, I have some updates to my original post about Smart tech in multi homes that includes Tado. It'a posted as a separate thread in this community if you're interested.

  • I cannot believe with this number of comments about a fairly easy to add feature Tado have not added this! They ought to start taking note of what their customers are asking for.
  • GrayDav4276
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    It appears that tado no longer monitor this Forum........therefore there is no chance that this (or any other request) will be implemented by tado........We're on our own now.

  • Mich_ka
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    Hi. I also felt into the trap. I just bought and installed a tado thermostat in my apartment while we already had one installed in the family countryside house. I’m really surprised to discover that the app cannot manage 2 different houses. I installed the second house as a second room and this is really not convenient, I don’t really know what to do now… but I am not really reassured to discover that this feature is in development … since at least 2019 ? Are we seeing it implemented anytime soon ?
  • "In Development" is a technical term used by tado.....which actually means....
    "we're (Tado) doing absolutely nothing to accomplish this"