how to add a second (and 3th) home with Tado to my app


As a satisfied Tado customer who installed the system in his home several years ago, I recently added Tado to the student house where my children live. I also considered installing Tado in my office, including air conditioning control. However, I discovered that the Tado app, installed on a single device, can only control one home. The primary appeal of Tado lies in its ability to control temperature when leaving one's home, whether it's for the office, the student house (in the case of my children), or a weekend holiday house. Tado suggests either purchasing a dedicated smartphone for each location or logging out and logging in with a different account when moving between locations. It would be a significant enhancement for Tado if each environment we frequent throughout the week could adapt to our presence/profile, rather than restricting users to using Tado in only one location.

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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    Raised umpteen times before! Still no joy! But there are some alternatives if you do a search.

  • thx, I couldn't find it on the forum and the Tado support team couldn't help me besides recommanding purchasing several phones.. any help would be welcome

  • I guess we just need to carry several phones like some kind of Breaking Bad villain - but seriously when will this be fixed?

  • It's so wierd that this is not a feature yet, why can't Tado make this possible when so many customers are asking for it?