Launch a range extender or upgrade to mesh network



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    You should see how mine is dangling with a cable across the ceiling.. Just to let not too many trv’s lose connection. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing
  • Tado…..please supply a range extender asap! We have the ring app and they have developed the ring chime pro to solve the drop out in signals to cameras. You just plug it in to any socket and the camera connects to that. Why can’t Tado do the same? We have 3 radiators which don’t connect
  • Have you carried out a search for this topic ??🤔

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    I have a Hive System, but have invested in Tado Smart TRVs (as Hive did not originally have their own). Yesterday, with the incentive of Black Friday discounts I looked at buying a Tado Wireless Thermostat, a Wireless Receiver to totally convert from Hive, together with more Smart TRVs, but thought that I would check that Tado is committed to solving the range issue, which I too suffer from and came across this thread and am so disappointed that Tado has not addressed it.

    I am most disappointed by what seems like Tado's contempt for their customer base, with minimum contribution to this tread and not acknowledging that a significant minority of committed, but unhappy clients need to be listened to and communicated with. If they are not able to solve the range problem, they should appoint a development director who is able and willing to take a lead in doing so.

  • Not to mention this thread has 29.5k views and 484 comments.

    Just saying.

  • seems like such an easy solution to either accept multiple bridges or create a bridge extender (wireless or wired internet connection) I have several mesh routers to cover my house so could easily setup extra bridges, as it is now the radiators in my barn are not connected even though I have full internet there but too far from where the bridge has to be to connect to the radiators in the house.

    Has anyone actually tried a 2nd bridge on the same network?

  • I may just buy a second kit and setup a new account, I'll have to do that for my rental properties anyway, such a shame the app should be able to handle multiple homes like the Google app, I can manage the Google wifi in all my properties just have to select the home in the app, Tado could do that too.

  • I now have three. One for each of my two houses and one for my son. Apple Hone makes it easy to toggle between them. Tado doesn’t, and that would be a big step forward if they could offer it
  • Instead of switching in the app, you could use the app for one account, and then a web browser for another visiting:

    With android devices, you can add this as shortcut on your Home Screen - not sure about with iOS devices.

    You could use multiple web browsers for different accounts as well.

    Not ideal, but it should be a fairly simple process to switch between accounts.

    Also, if anyone is using Home Assistant, you could set up multiple Tado accounts in that, and then run everything (except scheduling) from Home Assistant.

    Again, not ideal, but might be helpful.

  • And indeed that’s what I had to do. But it’s clunky compared to Apple Home
  • I have my account linked to Google Home that seems to give me the access I need so with multiple bridges on several accounts (gmail + aliases are really great for that) I think things will work fine even if not ideal.

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    Multiple bridges works for multiple boilers/properties (and/or for systems without zone-control), but it doesn’t help you to overcome the problem of connection loss with a single heating system.

    In theory it could, but it needs software development from Tado, which they never do.
  • @Robbie if you're using analog controls (ie Normally Open or Normally Closed), you can actually wire two controllers together for the same boiler.

    I used that method to overcome the 10 room limit by wiring the Wireless Receiver and a Wired Thermostat in parallel on the Normally Open/Common terminals (in series if you're using the Normally Closed/Common terminals)

    When one or both call for heat, the boiler fires up.

    You could do the same with multiple bridges, but would need a zone controller for each bridge.

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    It’s modulated. Kind of an important feature I don’t want to give up on. So the soldering iron can live in it’s drawer a bit longer.

    Since whole Tado is cloud-driven. It’s their digital soldering iron that’s needed.
    Or maybe even open up some more API’s to the public. It’s more about willingness at this point.
  • I have a bungalow with drop out issues. I work away a lot and constantly get calls telling me the heating is not working at home again. I wish I had not bothered with this system. Tado clearly have no interest in their customers needs and they should warn in their literature of the woeful distances their system achieves.

    I may as well of put the £500 this junk cost me into the log burner!

  • Adding my voice to the queue to request range extender and/or ability to manage several bridges from the app

  • Another miss. Just two rooms between IB and Thermostat, no valid connection. I must dismantle the Tado and go with another product, very similar but 100% reliable. Five years of big money earnings from loyal customers should give Tado the fuel for some R & D solving this issue! If Tado depts can't, I candidate myself! Meanwhile, I go with other brands.

  • We have 16 radiators in a 2 level house. And still the base station cannot cover all radiators.

    WHY is there not ALREADY some kind of range extender? Or even something we can bodge up on a Raspberry Pi (Assuming that after 29k views, 480+ votes that Tado will not or can not fix this)

    ---* Bill

  • CompuGo
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    I sprung for a second bridge and divided my house in 2 sections, one section I control via the app, the other via the web interface, it's not optimal but it works for me, having both bridges in the app would be perfect.

    You just need 2 different email addresses, gmail aliases with <youremail>[email protected] works, some sites don't accept the + symbol in an email address but Tado accepts it.

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    @CompuGo Setting up Home Assistant (on a Raspberry Pi for instance) would give you the flexibility to link both accounts to the same interface - so you can see and adjust all thermostats on one screen.

    Also Home Assistant can be viewed on your mobile or pc.
  • I have been checking to see if tado would (or already does) support Matter over the Thread protocol but haven't found anything online. My brother has tado in his house and he's happy with it. I recently moved to a new co-working space and was looking into whether I could install tado here as well so that when people would forget to turn down the heating I could manage it when I'm not there. I want the system to be future-proof so it has to be Matter for me.

    I ended up in this thread and am amazed about how people still comment hoping tado will release a firmware update for the bridge to support extending the range with a 2nd bridge.

    Julian, a tado support engineer I suppose, basically said: It is not happening.

    So... stop hoping this will become a thing.

    The next stop is Matter, it is the only viable way forward. If they are not working on Matter they can close up shop. They are not talking about future releases but all I can say is don't buy their V3 stuff, buy something else that does support Matter, or wait...

  • Yaroon you are so right. There’s no amount of yelling will change that.
  • I am often asked about my tado setup and my response is the same until there is a solution for this. It’s good but… it doesn’t work if you don’t have a square 2 story house. I have a long thin house and 1 valve is always disconnecting.

    A repeater, stronger broadcasting bridge or software change to link >1 bridge to an account would all solve the issue.
    Whenever tado ask for feedback, i point them back to this thread.
  • @Yaroon Whilst Matter will be important, its actually support for Thread that's more important in regards to this errr thread!

    Matter will ensure tado kit can talk with other smart home stuff. Thread is the bit of the puzzle that solves the networking issues (and by extension the range issues we're suffering with the current Tado hardware).

    The good news is Tado is listed as a member of the Thread group and have said in this thread they are working on bringing support for it.

    The bad news is there's been no timeline from Tado and it will probably mean buying brand new hardware as there's been no indication from Tado that it will be backwards compatible with their current generation of kit.

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    ...Speaking of which....@Jurian any update on Matter/Thread support?

    It's been two months since your last non-update on the topic

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    The big question for me is which alternate product has the functions we need? I looked at Wiser a few weeks ago and apart from having a repeater, it doesn't look like particularly great kit.
    I've started modifying my radiator valves now to give better reception, so *most* of my house is working ok.
    It seems likely that all of the Tado kit will need replacing when thread or matter is launched so I may as well start again with a new brand (I can't bear the idea of buying Tado again after so many problems).
  • Personally, I think "matter" based systems will overtake and blow Tado out of the water when they arrive.

    With a zigbee type protocol you can have both repeaters and most importantly multiple exit nodes (gateways to the internet if you need it). With a low battery requirement they will soon become the standard for these types of use.

    I see that Home Assistant just added Matter support in the latest release - so when it comes out you will be able to integrate it to the same common interface. Also, I see that Home Assistant is helping users identify what are cloud based apps and functions and what are locally controllable devices. Thus you can try to migrate from your internet dependance (and stop giving people access to your network and your usage data).

    Personally, I'm waiting for some good products and then I will replace the dropping-off Tado TRVs with Matter supporting ones. Then as the rest of the Tado devices fail (in 1-4 years) I will replace them with new Matter ones (from other vendors).

    This way I don't have to rebuy everything at once; I can use the Home Assistant interface for multiple functions (including all the paid for things from Tado :-D).

    From what I can see Tado are focusing on Matter and will never do anything for this group. The way to repay their loyalty is to ensure you never buy Tado in the future.


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    You can’t really compare tado° (as a brand)  to matter (a protocol)

    Tado° will  move away from  6LoWPAN sooner or later otherwise they won’t be able to compete. 6LoWPAN isn’t used in many products, at least not commercial products, mostly because of poor interoperability.

    Matter is too new to have any real relevance, although the "standard" has a lot of big corporations behind it and seems like it will replace ZigBee and Thread over time, in some applications. The fact that the ZigBee Alliance has become the Connectivity Standards Alliance, who is the driving force behind Matter obviously has a lot to do with that.

    A lot of the chip makers have said that their ZigBee/Thread/Bluetooth chips will get support for Matter, but again, that doesn't mean the device makers are going to be willing to make a Matter compatible firmware for all of their devices. A more likely scenario is that you'll end up having to get a new gateway, which will talk to its’ child devices via an old protocol to ensure backward compatibility.

  • I have just bought my first wired thermostat with a view to extending this to about 10 units. I am now very concerned having read this thread that I am likely to encounter some reception problems. How do I determine whether the system will work reliably, is there any way to see what the signal level is around my house? It is a modern large three-storey property with foil backed insulation in some internal areas.

  • @Mudmouse the people on this thread make up a tiny proportion of Tado users. Most people don’t have connection problems. Tado offers a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied too, so the best way is to try it out and see how it goes