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  • I have had a poor experience with support trying to get what should be a simple change made to my tado system. I have only had the products a couple of weeks and it's been a complete nightmare. Your marketing states...

    "tado° Starter Kit Add-on: add additional wired Smart Thermostats to your setup to control multiple rooms or zones individually

    "Upgrade to Multi-Room control to maximize your comfort and energy savings. Manage all zones and settings within the tado° app"

    It fails to mention that once you add a Smart Thermostat to a room the room it won't call for heat from the tado attached to your boiler. And that you can't change this yourself

    In my setup, I have a tado smart thermostat attached to my boiler (probably like most people do!) I then have 3 rooms each with a WIRELESS Tado smart thermostats and Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat(s).

    When you try and change the 'Zone Controller' on a Smart Thermostat you get told to contact support:

    PLEASE make this possible in the app / web app. It renders my whole system useless without being able to do this. Refer to screenshots (Tado 1, Tado 2) to see the steps on the Web app followed by the message:

    This is what I want to do, see the annotations showing that I want all Thermostats to call for heat from the Thermostat attached to my boiler:

  • pau1us
    Is it possible to receive a notification if the TRV is removed from the base? Maybe for longer than 5 mins? The kids sometimes climb on them and the only time I notice it's happened is when I walk into the room and it's like a sauna
  • Nutter

     I really need a, what I would call, System on Indicator Lights & Badge. 


    Whenever any Smart Valve is calling for heat, there is a Red Dot on the Home Page of the App.

    Whichever Valve is ‘open’ has a Red Dot in the corner.

    The Tado app, on iOS desktop, has a Red Badge when any part of the system is ‘on’ calling for heat.

    My boiler is a long way from most rooms and you can’t hear if the boiler is running. I really need to have a visual indicator to ’see’ when the Tado system is calling for heat.

    Thank you.

    Stay Safe.


  • Hi team,

    I would like to opt for a new IFTTT functionality. A new trigger: 'if the boiler starts heating, then'. Or 'if the boiler stops heating, then'

    I would like this trigger to send a signal to my smart powerplug, which should turn on or off a pump that is flowing water through my underfloorheating.

    This way I will save electricity (my pump will not be running unnecessarily anymore.

  • maege
    edited December 2020

    My existing thermostat (Feller / System Edizio Duo) had screws in the 4 corners around the hole - with having the screws put to the screw holes of the Tado Thermostat pointing into the air...

    How about placing additional screw holes in the 4 corners of Tado's ground plate (that accept countersunk screws)?!

  • iskohl
    Just an idea for quick overview in Home Screen if there is a “hand” symbol in icon just as the one shows in smart radiators when the temp. is set manually, otherwise just shows a “house” symbol
  • GrilledCheese2

    When rooms are set to manual the entire tile is set to grey. I think the colour is easier to read than a symbol.

  • I have multiple device in a room but the room temperature is only from one selected device. I think having the possibility to have all of them together to have a more precise room temperature
  • Tadouser65544

    Yes please - there's plenty of space.

  • MVP
    I think allowing to manually change the language in the app is a must.
  • nikolat
    I have smart valve my bedroom and 2 in my living room with the addition of smart thermometer. The function of open window detection works great in my bedroom because the Radiator is below my window. In the living room I have set that the main measurement unit is my smart thermometer located on the opposite wall of my radiators because of the heat sensor. I noticed that thermometer senses opened window way to late or even sometimes after the window is already closed. It would be great to have the option to choose the main measurement unit but also separately the units to notice the opened windows.
  • Hi, I'd like to have motion sensors that will turn on the heating in a room when somebody is in there.
  • The suggestion to allow a kind of “home switch” within a single account to control at least two different homes appears to be forgotten - but there were many, many requests for that feature over the last years.
    Completion provides that feature !
  • El otro día sufrí un problema con el móvil y se desconfiguro todo, perdiendo la información de las apps incluida la de Tado. No disponía de la información del Bridge no del Termostato y pensé que podría recuperarla del usuario de la página web de Tado y mi sorpresa, es que no pude, se había borrado. Debería quedarse en la web hasta que se borrara manualmente, de esa forma tras cualquier percance, poder reinstalar o recuperar. Una vez conseguí acceder de nuevo a mi vivienda, reinstalé y otra cosa a mejorar, es que toda la información que tenía anteriormente, ha desaparecido. Debería haber un registro que se guardara siempre en la web.
  • Sería un detalle poder configurar a gusto la posibilidad de que se vea la temperatura en el termostato a gusto del usuario.
  • Intente instalar un segundo kit para mi vivienda habitual, ya tenia uno en mi segunda vivienda, y no pude. Tengo que usar otra cuenta en otro móvil para poder manejar las dos viviendas
    Es fundamental poder manejar más de una vivienda
  • We have to vote all the comments about this suggest. I’ll do, try to do it, can be a solution to push them
  • Azecos

    This would really improve the Tado experience, I thought it would learn after some time to know when to start, but it seems not be be the case. (floor heating usually takes some more time to heat up the room, and in my case it's always too cold at the set time.)

  • Azecos

    Same issue here, see multiple topics have been started for the same idea, please fix this Tado :)

  • _Marco_

    And is is now implemented and works!


  • Mathos

    I thought it was just nothing technical at all.

    These are floor plans, and you just drag some lines to set boundaries for the rooms you created, and optionally drag the thermostats + radiator valves into the correct location in the rooms.

    Then it can give you an easy overview of what temperature it is in which room.

    The diagram above is for Wifi network coverage, but I would expect something similar for temperature and maybe heating indicators + battery levels, and whatever might be nice to see in there.

  • cloptonian
    New care and protect is jolly useful. However, with a non-modulating boiler it would be more useful to report actual hours boiler is firing. Knowing that the boiler has been running intermittently for a number of hours doesn't help a lot. This would mean that we can estimate fuel use since we know how much oil is burnt for every hour of operation.
  • cloptonian
    New care and protect is jolly useful. However, with a non-modulating boiler it would be more useful to report actual hours boiler is firing. Knowing that the boiler has been running intermittently for a number of hours doesn't help a lot. This would mean that we can estimate fuel use since we know how much oil is burnt for every hour of operation.
  • cloptonian
    Clever algorithm matches heat input to house with heat loss to outside. This keeps temperature at stat very stable even in really cold weather. New change shows more precise measure of percent of heat input as well as heating hours. My only gripe is that I get told the length of time during which heating is active rather than when my oil boiler is firing.
  • Ganimed76

    While the tado° app contains a functionality to check history of temperature, humidity and heating times of an individual configured room, that kind of statistics are not available on the web interface.

    Especially if you seriously wants to deal with that kind of data, availability on the web interface is key and capability to export it is unavoidable, so please enable visualization of my own data on the web interface and allow its export.

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