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  • HGB
    HGB ✭✭✭
    Good suggestion. But only useful when Tado manages to make early start work adequately. It's been promised for years. Here it still doesn't work. Search for early start and you'll find more complaints.
  • ceeceedee

    @ahmedt I am pretty sure that smart schedule will still work on a room which is set to independent. The SRT in that zone will open and close as it tries to control the room temperature to the target set in the schedule.

    However, the SRT will still need a supply of hot water from the boiler, but the fact that the room is set as independent means that Tado will not attempt to control the supply of hot water to that room. This is why I suggest that a room should be set as independent only if Tado has no control over the boiler which supplies hot water to that room.

    If you have a Tado Smart Thermostat controlling your boiler then I dont think you would ever want to set an SRT to independent. The SRT should always be linked to the Smart Thermostat which controls the boiler.

  • Heleen_60

    So, I'm trying to get my head around this. [And I now realise I was clicking on two different points thinking they were giving the same menus. The Room name/arrow leads to different options than clicking on the icon of the Device! ]

    If I set the SRT to Independent; when its schedule or temperature calls for heat. if the boiler is already working for another Room, it will get heat. BUT, if it wanted heat, say in the middle of the night, it wouldn't get it as the boiler would be off (most likely). However this would stop the call for heat going to all radiators connected to the Thermostat without SRTs.

    I don't think I've got my system set up to the optimum. I bought 4 new SRTs in the Black Friday sale but think I need more.........

  • ceeceedee

    Hi @Heleen_60,

    That sounds correct.

    Until recently I did not have SRTs on all radiators and I configured my system like this:

    The radiators that I wanted on most of the time (Kitchen/Dining room where there is most activity throughout the day) did not have SRTs fitted. These were controlled by the Smart Thermostat with its own schedule (on at 7am off at 10pm for example). The radiators in the Living Room (mostly only used in the evenings) were fitted with SRTs (which were linked to the Smart Thermostat) and were on their own schedule (on at 7pm off at 10pm). Thus for most of the day only the Kitchen/Dining room was being heated, but in the evening the Living Room would be heated as well.

    I hope this helps.

  • Mathos
    Options, I want the ability in the app, to do that myself of course, assuming they do not have my building floorplans lol

  • Mathos

    I do not see battery levels of my tado° devices there currently, or am I missing something ?

  • B79
    B79 ✭✭✭
    Please update this feature. A 20 year old Honeywell could do the trick also.
  • Mathos

    Hi @GrayDav4276 ,

    I want this to be avail in the app (that is what I would like Tado todo)

    Then I wish to upload my PNG's (floorplans) per floor.

    Then the app would allow me to separate rooms (square selections or freeform maybe ...).

    Then those areas would be attached to already known rooms in the app, and it would be able to visualize the room with temperature, heating status, battery status maybe, stuff like that.

    Maybe similar to Unifi's floor plans.

  • RichF

    Hi, I like many other people have struggled with the completely inaccurate temperature measurement of the smart TRVs, this causes the radiators to shut off before the room has warmed up, the Tado solution to use the offset feature doesn’t work for me, or I suspect anyone.

    I have managed to get my smart TRVs to work as they should by using an Oventrop 1011450 adapter that rotates the smart TRVs by 90degs so they are horizontal, this adapter can be fitted to the existing valve without the need to do any plumbing like drain down the system. Rooms I have added the Oventrop adapter to now work perfectly, just as well as using a separate temperature sensor. I have attached a picture of the Oventrop adapter and one of my radiators with the adapter fitted.

    The Oventrop adapters cost around £8-9 each (including delivery) if you order 4. The Oventrop adapters don’t appear to be available from UK plumbing merchants (none I tried anyway), but you can get them from ebay and amazon retailers who all appear to be in Germany. Therefore the delivery charges can be quite high, hence it’s best to order several at once to keep the cost down. I used an ebay seller called “ml-haustechnik” (I have no connection with them) who was the cheapest at the time and delivery about 4 days from Germany to UK (eBay item number: 331468588631), but there are other sellers you can choose from. Prices on amazon are higher, although many of the retailers seem the same.

    The Oventrop 1011450 has a M30 x 1.5mm fitting at both ends, this is the same as the Tado TRVs so you won’t need to use any of the Tado adapters if the Tado TRVs fit on to your radiators. If you currently use an adapter, then you will still need to use the same adapter to fit the Oventrop adapter to the radiator, the Tado TRV will fit directly on to the Oventrop adapter. Oventrop do make another version of this adapter with different fitting, I think it is part number is 1011460, so just be careful you are ordering the right one.

    I have not been able to find anyone else who makes anything similar in the M30 x 1.5mm fitting (Dandoss make some similar for their TRV connection type), so if anyone can find a cheaper alternative, please post-it.

    I have vertical Tado TRVs fitted to all my radiators including the ones I have fitted the Oventrop adaptors to. The vertical TRVs work normally when positioned horizontally, the only difference is the display is read from the radiator end in the vertical TRVs which is slightly less convenient in the horizontal configuration.

    I think the Oventrop adapters work because the Tado TRV temperature sensor is both further away from the radiator, and is facing away from it. Therefore, the “radiated” heat from the radiator doesn’t cause the Tado TRV to heat up and trick the sensor into thinking the room is hotter than it is. The Tado TRV can now measure the room air temperature through “conduction” heat transfer which is what it should be doing.

    It is disappointing that Tado still haven’t recognised this problem or created a solution that actually works, but if you still want to persist with the Tado offering, then this approach worked for me and is cheaper than purchasing separate Tado sensors for each room.

  • DamianB
    Great suggestion. Thanks
  • jcwacky

    Thanks for posting this. Useful to know.

    How do the adapters affect the noise that the TRVs make? Quieter? Noisier? Or no noticeable difference?

  • RichF

    Hi jcwacky, I only found these adapters because I was looking for an adapter that might deaden the sound transfer to the radiator. Unfortunately, they don't have any noticeable impact on the noise level from the TRV, but I can't tell if the adapter reduces the noise transfer to the rad. I am considering if I can create a sound proof box around the TRV, but sound proofing is tricky, any tiny gap or flaw will let most of the noise out!

  • Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing - I've ordered 5. Also found them listed on Amazon UK as "Oventrop Angle Adaptor/Screw Connection M30 x 1.5 mm" without the model number for a reasonable £7.00 but with the catch of £16.32 international delivery. So I went with your eBay suggestion instead.

  • badfly

    RichF, if you put a sound proof box around the stat, you will also stop it from sensing the room temperature, so defeating the point of the TRV. By the way love the valve solution, will definitely try it as I have a couple of bedrooms that rely on TRV temp sensing only and are running with an offset at the moment.

  • RichF
    Hi Badfly, you are right re sound proof box, my plan was to use an external temp sensor for rooms that I want the TRVs to be quieter, like the bedrooms, I was hoping that for these rooms the Opentrop adapter would prevent the noise being transmitted to the radiator so defeating the purpose of the sound proof box. For all other rooms I don't mind the noise so I just use the Oventrop adapters to improve the temperature accuracy.

    It will be good to hear from others if these adapters work as well for them as it does for me. I have them on several rads of different types and rooms of different sizes and so far so good.
  • Abh
    Completely support this request! If you can set the temperature via the app, why is it not possible to track usage, current temperature, AI suggested HW boost, risk recommendations for HW systems running below 55deg C etc.
  • Jacopo2
    I did a similar thing by fitting the TRV itself horizontally (you need to drain the system)
    I guess it works fine

    However it only helps if the TRV is at the bottom of the radiator
  • Solar

    So, to increase the appeal of Tado to new customers and existing, in case of internet loss, would it be possible to do either the following:

    1. Modify the internet bridge to store the programmed smart schedule and run off that as a fall back or
    2. In fall-back mode, whereby there is no internet access, use the mobile phone/app to run the system either manually or with the pre-programmed schedule

    Thanks for looking!


  • Sorvad

    Most of the radiators in my house (and I expect for most people) are white however I do have 2 towel radiators in my bathrooms that are chrome. I’d like to add the Tado TRVs to them however I think the white colour will just look weird.

    Is it therefore possible to consider making the TRVs in additional colours?


  • what_a_tado
  • Stuart

    We’ve all had the issue of a Tado device being just out of range of the bridge or suffering a intermittent signal and have been given the advice to move the bridge.

    we often then find we might have an Ethernet cable nearby but no power source so moving the bridge cannot be done, why don’t Tado upgrade the Ethernet socket on the bridge to have Power over Ethernet (POE) so that only one socket is needed to make it easier to use

  • GrilledCheese2

    This is a good suggestion. Even if you’ve got a power outlet nearby it may not be convenient to use the power adapter. I’ve a cupboard full of IT stuff and part of the challenge is having to accommodate all the power adapters on multiple power blocks.

    Of course if someone is really stuck they can use a POE splitter to get power to a location.

  • Sim

    Thanks RichF, great discovery. If only an equivalent could be found in the UK.

  • kozaka
    edited December 2020

    I open a window in some room, I get a notification that turn off the heating on my mobile...what I do not check. So after 5 Minutes I close the window, but the notification stays. Even next day I see the notification, that I should turn the heating off on that room. What is misleading.

    To get rid off the notification, I have to click on it, and then cancel the off status manually.

    Can you please remove the notifications after time, or after the "window is closed"?

    I do not bought any plan from Tado (yet), so auto turn off is not working.

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