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  • Jakosaur

    Show on graph when measuring device has changed. If two devices read significantly different temperatures, the graph increases without reason after changing so a reminder (for future reference) that the device has changed would be nice.

  • sendas
    No news on this subject ?
  • I have a room with 3 tado thermostats installed and I would like to be able to see the temperature and humidity graphs for each of them. This would help me to select the right "master" thermostats

  • Hi,

    I had the opportunity to test two totally different systems: Tado and Netatmo. I remained with Tado for a strange reason, hoping that the minuses will be compensated in time. The reason why I remained: geofencing and an app with a better UX. What I was waiting, and don't really understand why the changes don't come although the competition is doing this well:

    • set and display temperatures on smart valves with decimals (.5 at least), as in some situations/homes 0.5 degrees more or less can be felt
    • keep the temperature steady. After the Netatmo system learned the rooms and building, I was surprised how it keeps the temperature at .1 precision. And it's simple. Knowing the thermal inertia and temperature loss in different situations of outdoor and indoor temperature, heating should be able to be planned with precision, both moment and duration. Unfortunately, with Tado in some rooms I have temperature deltas of up to 4 degrees before and after heating is turned on, during the same schedule stage.



  • jacoscar, in the Apple Home app I can see the teperature with two decimals, also the graph sems to be quite sensitive, therefore for displaying in with one decimal in the app there is absolutely no reason this could not be done, on the other hand for getting rid of the fluctuation the anticipation is the key. The input we therefore have. The control over the radiator valve we have. PID? Cloud. Temperature unreliable at the radiator? Create and sell a small device sized half like a valve, to be put in the middle of the room to get a reliable temperature, if this is the only solution. But somehow I have the feeling that the guys got capped, nothing new comes out, no big changes are made. This is called comfort zone I would say. And it's not here where the magic happens.

  • Rbeechey
    This is exactly what I am hoping will be available. I have a situation where temperature and humidity vary widely based on a number of factors so dynamic control would be perfect. Would definitely buy additional units.
  • rischiav

    Hi guys,

    after installing Tado I was no more able to set the DHW on my Ferroli boiler.

    My boiler provide the possibility to setup the DHW temperature via OT (Open Therm) from the termostat or via a potentiometer on the boiler itself. Unfortunatly, as you connect an OT device to the boiler the DHW setopint is set to the maximum and the onboard potentiometer is ignored.

    As a result, even if I tryed to setup via potentiometer or using a different OT thermostat as I connect the Tado the DHW temperature is set to the maximum allowed value from the boiler.

    I didn't found any way to setup the DHW temperature via the Tado app, could you add this functionality?

    I even used an OT sniffer but it seems that the Tado thermostat do not send any command related to DHW setpoint.


  • Nutter

    This is a request to add an ‘Advanced’ level to Schedule time increments.

    Currently the minimum is 15 minutes. There should be an option to enter single minutes. Certain special circumstances require specific times e.g. 9 minutes.

    This could be ‘hidden’ under an Advanced or Expert button.

    Urgent Request - from my point of view.

    Thank you.


  • ChrisJ

    Agree 110%. This has caused me trouble on multiple occasions.

  • Michael


    Please contact our support team, and tell them what the max DHW temperature ought to be. They can help.

    Kind regards,


  • Mug
    Recently purchased Smart AC Control v3+ to control AC remotely in holiday home. Most likely to turn on dehumidifier when not present. However if WiFi fails then AC might remain ON until I attend 2nd home again.
    So idea is to have FAILSAFE OPTION (i.e.dont have to use this) whereby Tado App switches off AC unit immediately or say after 15mins if WiFi connection is lost.
  • I'd also like to see an option to view the temperature of the radiator thermostat to decimal in the App. Both in statistics and via an Alexa call I can get this temperature to a very accurate number. In the App it's hard to tell whats going on. Today it keep flicking from 22 to 23 as it's actually at 22.5/22.6. This makes it hard to tell whats actually happening on my heating. I appreciate this is so the view is consistent between the radiator and my App but can you please give us the option of how to display this temperature in the UI of our Apps? A frustrating feature for an otherwise amazing product.

  • Jakosaur

    Agreed! System wide across app, smart assistants .etc - temperature should be show in decimal form to keep the experience consistant. Leave the on-screen device to whole numbers due to display size. No point having the statistics graph showing in decimal but you can't set/view the temperature in decimal via the app tile.

  • I use Tado in my current property and find it useful.

    So much so that when we move home which is due to happen in 4 weeks time, after considering other Smart heating solutions I will go a Tado system.

    Eventually I will upgrade the whole of the central heating system, but will be starting by remodeling the upstairs family bathroom. This will involve a new Towel Rail.

    I've been looking at Towel rails with Electric elements as during the summer/warmer periods we don't have the central heating on so the towel rail doesn't warm up. Hence fitting an Electric heating element into a towel rail so that this can be heated independently from the rest of the central heating.

    My suggestion is that this is controllable via Tado but this doesn't exist at present. even though there are 'Smart/programmable' elements on the market.

    The Smart Thermostatic valves aren't the answer either as I've been informed they don't fit the majority of towel rails and most importantly it would lead to firing up the whole central heating system to have warm towels which isn't cost effective.

    Please Tado Developers can you either develop a smart connected Towel rail element or work with an existing Towel Rail element manufacture and incorporate this into the Tado ecosystem.

    If it was something that could be retro fitted to the majority of Towel Rails on the market it would prove very popular.

    Cheers Dai

  • jmates

    The original firmware had that feature, it would display the ACTUAL temp in the tank. Of course via the digital eBus connection with my Vaillant bojler. But some other things were messed up so they updated my firmware, and from then on, I lost the water temp info, and also lost the ability to set the temp in 0,1 degree increments.

    I mean, WTF?!?!?

    I did write to them, and they jus said ok we removed the big(ger) problem, so the other features are not that important...

  • Jakosaur

    Probably not a massive number of users with this issue, but if I didn't have the room set to off - Tado° would've started to pre-heat as I set this as the measuring device.

    Probably something to do with hot hands maybe. A cooldown after installation (a different tile colour to indicate that too), that can also be cancelled by the user would be nice. Took ~1hr 15mins to get the temp to normalise.

    Not an issue of it recording the wrong temperature / needing adjustment.

  • MikeyH78

    My heating keeps tripping in to maintain the heating setting. I'd like to see an option of specifying the amount of time passed before the tado checks the temperature within an active timeframe.

    I also think that it would be good to know how quick the room gets up to temp and how quick it loses temp without trying to work it out.
  • jcwacky

    Totally agree, this is would be nice.

  • David_F

    I agree and would add when one of several smart radiator stats goes offline in a room, the entire room seems to become unavailable. Would be better to operate the room through the stats that can be controlled.

  • David_F

    Our house is quite long and by placing the bridge device as carefully as I can I can get all devices connected but not reliably. it would really benefit to have a range extension option, either through the bridge device itself or by a second device to connect the signal through. Actually a Tado radio to wifi adaptor would work well and then I could pair the rad stats with the Wifi bridge(s) and that would connect to the Tado bridge through my home network.

  • dastle

    Please Tado - add support for underfloor heating systems with floor sensors. It is a must to enable a complete system.

  • Surely though if all your rads have Tado TRVs, you can turn on that individual TRV through the central heating, and only that one rad will get hot?

  • Guindilias
    I don't know of anyone who has had range problems with Tado - and those who have probably have internet connectivity problems in other parts of the house as well. For instance my phone gets no wifi in the bathroom, but the bathroom Tado still works.
    Suggest you look into tplink or other range boosters.
  • Rankin99
    Currently the choice of a change being until next schedule change, a period of time or until canned by user is a seeing against the room setup. I would to be able to also make this choice when overriding a room temperature to switch hearing back on for a short extra blast.
  • DaiDavies


    So I was told by Tado customer services that the Tado TRV don't really work with bathroom towel rads and also the point is to not fire up the whole central heating system in the warmer months just to heat one rad...

    If tado wants to be the one stop shop and my go to controller/App for my homes heating needs it needs to be more than just the radiators, and the water based elements of my heating system. What about the electrical elements such as heated towel rails and electric underfloor heating??

  • xraysight

    I always wonder what kind of nice report Tado is going to provide at the end of the month. A bit disappointing is that these are one-off reports. It would be great if we could see the same set of monthly statistics on average heating, differences between locations, interesting correlations, etc.

  • rgh

    Can’t find any reference to this item in the suggestion posts although I’m sure the subject must have been broached before, but A simple small plug in extender similar to the one Hive supply, would resolve many customers issues with poor signal and rad valves dropping out.

  • rgh

    Can’t find any reference to this item in the suggestion posts although I’m sure the subject must have been broached before, but A simple small plug in extender similar to the one Hive supply, would resolve many customers issues with poor signal and rad valves dropping out.

  • Dessie
    An additional field to permit recording of information about a specific location.

    Yellow Room: south facing gets v warm in afternoon. Radiator over sized. Needs double glazed.
  • Mickyboy
    Would be nice if you could set up a schedule for one day and then copy it across to another day. Also be nice if you could set an on and off temperature and use them as variables. As opposed to having set the same temp for every on and off time.
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