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  • Surely it couldn't take a huge update to allow it to control lights, etc - or smart plugs.

    It would be nice if when Tado detected me coming home, it could be told to turn on HUE lights or similar - or smart plugs?

    Maybe this is possible through IFTTT, but it would be nice if it could be built into the mobile app? I'm sure a dev would do this for a few quid, as TADO really seem to be slow to actually make worthwhile changes...

    If it's possible to have TADO do this some way other than through their app, maybe someone could let me know how!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • jacoscar
    jacoscar ✭✭✭
    If you start using Home Assistant and connect to Tado there is an option that gives you the % of heat demand; you could use that to control the electric heater
  • That does not sound right. I have smart radiator thermostats in all my rooms that demand heat via the extension kit.

    I do have a smart thermostat for the hot water but none of the radiators valves connect to it.

  • @AdyR So you want to say that smart radiator thermostats can communicate directly with the extension kit?

  • Sometines the heating isn't turning off when house empty.
    Would be nice to know who's phone isn't registering as away.
  • robco
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    As an user who has multiple AC units in different rooms I would like to be able to learn AC controls just once and then be able to distribute learned commands to another tado devices so I do not need to spend more than an hour again with learning the same commands for every tado device.

  • jacoscar
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    I agree; there are times when you just want cooling in the summer and heating in winter; but sometimes it would just be useful to define a range, for example: keep the temperature between 18 and 26 degrees, good for erratic climates like the british one

    That would save on the bill as well
  • jelockwood
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    I support this request.

    However it would not be necessary if Tado supported downloading known IR codes from a database they would maintain and thereby remove the requirement for customers to engage in a potentially length training process.

    See -

    The Logitech Harmony remote system has a database of IR remotes and codes, and as far as I can tell the Sensibo Sky a similar product to the Tado AC also has a database of remotes and codes.

  • Jakosaur
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    Suggestion -

    "Manual Temp Control on Tado Device" - Can be just for temperature control (5°C - 25°C)

    "Manual Off Control on Tado Device" - Just for "Off" - underneath the above setting

    I'd like the ability to have different settings for 5°C - 25°C and Off. 🙂

    Personally I'd have 5°C - 25°C set to a 20 minute Timer and Off set to "Until Ended By User".

    Obviously keep the original 3 options (Until Next Automatic Change, Timer & Until Ended by User) so the user can decide what they prefer for both 5°C - 25°C & "Off".

    I'm guessing Smart Assistants would use these settings too! 👍

  • Can I please second this. A stopcock that is controlled by HomeKit etc would be my first purchase! The technology for each end is there and just needs someone to marry it up and market it. Take my £99 now!
  • Joao
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    I think it would be great if tado could also be integrated with the ventilation system and it was possible to switch on/off the ventilation system from the tado app. This could also be controlled automatically to adjust the humidity in the rooms.


  • jelockwood
    jelockwood ✭✭✭

    Whilst Tado don't currently have a product to do this you might want to look at the following.

    They - Keen have been talking about adding HomeKit compatibility although I don't know if they have done so as of yet. If they did then you should be able to define HomeKit rules to link Tado and Keen products to achieve what you want.

  • When you change a setting in the app it takes 20-30sec to fulfill because the app sends the command to the server which then sends it back to the device. The homekit controlling works directly without a server, please add this functionality to the app in order to improve command latency
  • TangoTaker
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    Allow target temperatures to be set for auto mode
  • I logged the same request with Tado myself this morning.

    I received a Smart AC V3+ yesterday and have been surprised to see that the Auto mode capability doesn't allow for setting the target temperature.

  • jacoscar
    jacoscar ✭✭✭
    What do you mean? Auto switching between cool and heat?
  • Normally on an AC you can set a Target temperature e. g. 24 C. If its warm inside it will then cool down to 24C but if it is getting cooler than 24C it would automatically start heating up to reacht the target temperature.
    This functionality is completely missing from the Smart AC Control V3+
  • THK
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    Battery empty yesterday - More than 8 months after first warning!

    (Energizer ECO advanced Alkaline)

    I might help the planet from global heating with my Tado valves, but end spending all the pollution on battery manufacturing.

  • ChrisJ
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    As currently implemented if you want the Smart Radiator Thermostats to be able to 'call for heat' then you must have a Smart Thermostat even if none of the TRVs are 'connected' to it in the app (they do connect to it behind the scenes but in a different way).

    Maybe Tado could change this to have the TRVs communicate with the extension kit (depends on firmware, hardware capabilities etc.) but right now this is how it is. I appreciate that it is annoying to have to pay for the additional Smart Thermostat but if you do then it will work as you desire.

  • this feature would also be useful when the internet connection is down because it would allow to control the thermostat thru the app only using the intranet

  • in addition the on line communication is misleading, in this web page, for example

    tado explains that you can control hot water in baxi boilers under digital communication protocol. I just have Tado reprogrammed for the new heater and it doesn't control the hot water

  • I'm not sure I'm following this. The thermostat can be powered by a 230v supply so doesn't this get around the battery issue?
  • jelockwood
    jelockwood ✭✭✭


    No the Tado Extension unit and the Tado Smart AC controller each can be powered by a 220v AC or 5v DC power supply respectively but the Tado Smart Thermostat is designed to only run off batteries.

    This thread has therefore discussed how to use a 'battery eliminator' to replace the batteries with a gadget that fits inside the battery compartment.

  • The problem I'm having started when we re-arranged our tiny apartment and found ourselves sitting directly across from the wall mounted air con. In order to not be freezing, we had to train the air con's fan to always point high so it shoots over our heads. However, during the night, we used to have the air con pointing directly down so it could be blown into our sleeping room. Now we are running less efficiently because we can only pick one fan position associated with all schedules.

    My suggestion is to have multiple customizable learning profiles (i.e. Cool/Fan Up, Cool/Fan Down, Warm/Fan Down). Then we could associate these with each schedule block as we see fit, adjusting for the time of day.

    This would also make switching seasons easier as I wouldn't have to re-train my tado each season to learn a new group of settings for my AC.

  • I agree. And I the the case is obvious, particularly the second bullet point.
  • Can you add custom function buttons to Smart AC application?

    In the App, add option to record own custom functions. I think 4 buttons would be enough.

    These could be used to record/teach device specific commands like ionizer, +8 heating mode, quiet mode and such.


  • Hi it would be useful if you made an add on that could read electricity led pulse meters for users who have solar pv installations. That way you could use it to activate the air conditioning systems when electricity production is high.
  • More options to tado app for heatpump control. For example controlling the airflow direction and eco mode.
  • Most of the smart air conditioner controls out there have a feature to let them read the buttons pressed on the "dumb" AC remote.

    This would allow Tado to stay in sync with the AC settings even if the latter changed because of a remote change.

    Is this something that could be implemented in the current version of the Smart AC or would it require a new revision?

    In any case, know that I'm not buying a Smart AC because of the lack of this feature for now.

  • Please add support for 'Real Feel' and 'Silent' modes as available on the remote (two buttons at the bottom)

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