Launch a range extender or upgrade to mesh network



  • bogdan777
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    same here , just spent 600 on tado , to find out that i cannot use my attic thermostat. as it cannot reach the network. is a shame

  • From the website.

    "The right fit for every home

    Heating systems are all different. However, tado° products fit every system. Additionally, they ensure optimally air-conditioned rooms with no hassle or high costs."

    This is clearly false, can be demonstrated as such and is evidenced by this thread and should be removed as it is clearly NOT the right fit for every home.

  • One more vote for some kind of multiple bridge/extender/mesh support. We really need this!

  • CIW
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    And one more vote for this.

    I have two Tado homes.

    (Really annoying I can’t switch between them without logging out and changing account, reclaims the name for my phone each damn time. But whatever. That’s another forum strand).

    One house has 14 valves, the other 11. One is 1930s and the other 1850s. In each the furthest valves don’t work ever even when I switch valves around. Others dip in and out.

    This is a big Tado investment and I am a tech thought leader for my family and friends as are others in this strand. This needs resolving.

    If meshing or range extension or similar are a product you are working on it might be good to say so because the noise it’s generating may be losing you traction against Drayton and Apple and Nest and Hive.

    And yes these are quite big complex properties but those are actually the ones that most need and benefit from Tado.
  • Actually I have to take it all back. I moved the internet Bridge upstairs and slightly nearer the middle of the house and now everything is working
  • I could only dream of being a tech thought leader for my family...
  • I vote to be able to have multiple properties on the one account. This logging in and out depending on where you are is a pita

  • That is indeed true.
  • Same here. I had a 75m2 apartment and one valve’s connection was unstable. Now I’ve moved in a small two floors house, and the connection of my new thermostat is unstable. No issue with my Hue lighting system nor my Ring alarm system, so it’s Tado that has a very very low range network.
  • Arthur1977
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    Same issue here, I installed it 2 days ago and all sounds familiar. Only wished i knew it before. I will try some more locations in my small 3 floor wooden house and then i think i will return everything. I am really surprised about Tado's atitude in this issue.
  • Yes I thought moving the bridge had completely sorted it but valves keep dropping in and out for fifteen minutes.
  • Another vote for a range extender - I have two devices that drop out most of the time.
  • Same here, struggling for range.

    The gateway is in the corner of house where the internet router is, the furthest room intermittently disconnects. So I would expect it to be better if I could get the gateway in the middle of the house, but I don't imagine many houses have a convenient ethernet connection in the centre.

    I'm going to try moving the gateway and if it comes to it will use a Wi-Fi or power line adapter to mount it centrally, but it's not very neat.

    When it comes to positioning the gateway itself, the design seems strange. The guidance is to mount it vertically, but there's no stand and the wires come straight out the bottom, so there's no obvious way to even do this.

  • BigJeffUK
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    Voted. Lots of people with same issue here.

    The vertical install did make me chuckle. Is there not a self adhesive pad in the box to stick it to the back of the TV (where most peoples routers are)?
  • Another vote from me. Just extended my system with additional valves, but no way to get them connected properly for more than 5minutes. Moving the bridge doesn't solve it, since that move other valves out of range. The bridge is already centrally located in our U-shaped house.

    I really struggle to understand why there has been so little progress on such an essential feature that has been reported and up-voted so many times by so many users.

  • Another vote for this issue. Just installed in a modest three bed house, and one TRV keeps dropping out, and one connected at setup, but now stays disconnected most of the time. I have moved the bridge upstairs in the middle of the house, mounted it vertically, but to no avail. Come on Tado, we need a range extender, or the option to add a second bridge.
  • Yup. Still a problem for me after the one glorious day when everything worked and stayed working. Now virtually every day one valve or another drops out without warning or reason for half an hour or so. Maddening.
  • Same here.. have a long house, went very hot in my bedroom and it wasn't me or my girlfriend.

  • I agree to that, i have zctually already bought an extra beidge to operate 1 radiator valve in a room that otherwise simply cannot get connected. Unfortunately now i need to lofin another account to follow up on that. So with all my systems running also in rental houses i have now 6 accounts to follow up. It would be handy if we could add a beidge used as extender to connect the devuce to the cloud account si that it can be managed from one login… have bin Asking for a solution since 2016 now.
  • Adding to the ten pages thread for a range extender. I’m in a three bed semi but the walls are thick. Shame tado can’t or for some reason won’t do what Phillips Hue and Sonos manage to do in my house
  • Latest report it has, curiously, settled down over time so that (fingers crossed) I haven’t seen any outages for three days now. Does it “learn” how to work in a house?
  • No, it does not. It is a shame really, that this is not fixed properly. I am getting frustrated with the tado system, and am slowly turning from an ambassador to the opposite.

    Mesh on a Cc1101 with an 6LoWPAN stack should not be that hard to get right. Implementing a decent antenna instead of the PCB abomination that is now in both TRV and bridge equally so.

    I have some spare time. I will start looking into modifying the TRV and or bridge for a more efficient antenna. Because my guess is that the current efficiency is way down the drain. With a 10dbm link on 868 mhz this should not be a problem at all...
  • It can help just to be patient. Mine has now settled down and the attic hasn’t gone “blue” and unavailable for over two weeks now.
  • I'm seeing improvements in my TRV connectivity. I moved my internet bridge to the loft (which was a job and a half!). Initially I didn't see much of an improvement but a couple of firmware updates later (internet bridge on 92.1 and most TRV's on 93.1) I'm seeing dropouts still, but way less in duration.

    Previously I'd lose some TRV's for 20 out of 24 hours for no reason. 2 days later they'd worked solidly. Now I'm seeing "blips" and the frequency of connectivity loss is much lower and for a lower duration of time.

    Still not "pleased" as I'd expect zero dropouts given the investment but the mornings of <12c rooms because the TRV's failed to kick in is reduced = much happier family. Wife still wants me to rip it all out though :)

  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭✭
    Make sure you have a foil wrapped board 100mm above the bridge in the loft. That made big difference for me.
    However exactly like you I still have drop outs here and there, occasionally they drop out at an important time and my wife wants me to ebay the whole lot.
  • Robbie
    Robbie ✭✭✭

    Wife still wants me to rip it all out though

    my wife wants me to ebay the whole lot.

    You have strong wifes! My wife left me because she was tired of having cold feet. Tado-support couldn't help me...

  • Mine has just been getting more and more reliable recently. I have 17 valves over three floors and to begin with the most remote valves on one floor and all three on the top floor would cut in and out. I moved the bridge to be more central on the middle floor and swapped the transformer for a recent iPhone one and since then it’s got more and more reliable so that now I’ve been two weeks without a drop out. Fingers crossed.
  • Thanks @Pete I might venture back up and add that. Our loft space is not human friendly but I think I can get a board on a beam above the internet bridge. Out of interest, roughly what size board did you use?

    @Robbie Now you can move the girlfriend in!😂

  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭✭
    I started off with a board about 300x300mm which proved the theory. However, my loft lent itself to something grander so a made a new board about 700 square and ended up buying 2 'space blankets' and pinning them around other parts of the loft trying to create reflection angles to far parts of the house. Made a big difference but still not perfect.
    Truth is, I should have binned tado at the outset.
    Good luck!