Launch a range extender or upgrade to mesh network



  • GrayDav4276
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    I can't imagine that tado° will apply a buy back......and if they did, I wouldn't expect it to be a significant amount. I mean....just look at how much tado° charge for a "refurbished" device.
  • Please please please offer an Internet extender or make the thermostats work in a mesh.
    Like many other users I am plagued by connectivity issues
  • I also have two devices right at the edge of the range, and they disconnect from time to time. It's a brick house that generally suffers from not-very-ideal through-the-air connection. Moving the Internet Bridge is not an option (it's already in the middle of the house). A range extender / multiple bridges would be the needed solution.

  • I want to add an outbuilding (connected to me central heating) but it's out of range. No extension is madness whish I knew this was an issue before I bought the system a few years ago. We have a TINY 2up 2 down house and have had drop outs but I've only just realised it's the internet bridge issues
  • Hi Michael @Michael_London ,

    In order to conserve battery power it is highly unlikely that the Tado radiator thermostats could ever be anything other than 'end devices'.

    i.e. not able to act as intermediate routers, passing data on from other devices in a mesh network.