Launch a range extender or upgrade to mesh network



  • Thanks @Pete - appreciated. Like the idea on reflection angles, have a couple of spots where that might work!

  • For what it's worth, my problematic trvs are still working after 3 months with no dropouts/flat batteries. This is the longest they've worked since I got the system in 2017!

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    I seem to be witnessing the reverse of other recent posts here, in that I seem to be seeing a degradation in performance.

    I've had tado since 2017, but only added tado radiator thermostats about a year and a half ago. In the very first week of usage I had some connectivity issues with the one furthest from the bridge, but resolved that by tweaking the bridge location.

    I then had rock solid connectivity across all devices for a year. The furthest radiator thermostat then reported low battery, so I switched the batteries out. This coincided with a period of firmware updates. All was good for around a month or so, and then it started having "bad days" where it'll lose connection many times across a single day, but will then be fine for a couple of weeks.

    It's having another bad day today... Disconnected 5 times so far, with longest duration of an hour.

    This is infuriating as nothing has changed with my equipment setup or location in the last year and a half. As it's so infrequent, tracking down why it's occuring is a nightmare, and I'm now forced to check the app first thing every morning to see if it's having a good day or a bad day.

    I also had another thermostat misreport its status in the app the other day. According to its schedule it should've been heating, and the graph clearly showed a massive temperature increase, and the radiator was hot. However, the app showed the device as making no heat request at all... No wavy lines, and nothing on the Care & Protect screen. I can only assume that was a handshake problem of some kind... i.e it correctly received the signal to open for the schedule change, but never responded to say "I'm open and need heat"... And it just so happened that another room requested heat at the same time allowing it to heat up.

    Performance degrading is far from ideal, especially as I had a setup that was reliable and working fine.

    I do wonder if battery type/ brand can have a big effect on performance. However, I can't explain why in my case I'm seeing a single bad day of frequent disconnects every few weeks. Unless it's a combination of battery brand/ type and temperature and humidity...
  • I do wonder whether a cycle of disconnects reflects a software or firmware update. Does the update effectively switch off connectivity while it is happening?
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    @CIW Often a firmware update causes the radiator thermostat to warm up, and the apparent rise then relatively quick fall in temperature can trigger that thermostat to briefly call for heat depending on the set temperature or sometimes even register an open window detection.

    I've not seen one drop offline due to an update, but I imagine it must do at least briefly.

    However, I don't believe there's been a firmware update for the VA02 radiator thermostats this year. I think the last update was to 93.1 sometime in December. I can't say for other devices though.
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    However, I don't believe there's been a firmware update for the VA02 radiator thermostats this year. I think the last update was to 93.1 sometime in December.

    @cbd20 That is correct. For the second gen radiator thermostat: 93.1 in December '21, 91.1 in September, 90.1 in August, 86.1 in June and so on.

    During the update process the device should stay online. There is a reboot involved though, and when the connection state is poor it might surpass the no connection threshold period which would cause it to display 'no remote access'.

    I cannot explain the pattern of disconnections you observed though. You describe it's the device that is the furthest away, so I guess it's simply at the edge of where it can hold a stable connection.

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    @Rob I suspect you're correct in that the device is potentially at the edge of where it can hold a stable connection. I guess the frustration I have is that it worked solidly for a year in that position, and it's only more recently proving to be an issue, and even then only on random days.

    Clearly something has changed in my home, just wish I could track down the source!
  • This system needs a enhanced coverage solution be it multiple bridges on the same account, a more powerful bridge or something else. I installed tado about a month ago and like it BUT no matter what I do with the bridge I cannot get it to reliably communicate with every radiator.

    Yes it’s a big house but when researching my purchase the Tado sales pitch convinced me this was right for every home.

    Can anyone confirm if tado have acknowledged this product gap and are considering a solution?
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    Send the whole lot back while you can, this is what Tado advise.
    Coms is a long standing problem, Tado know it's the biggest issue customers face and this has been the case for years with no fix.
    A few pages prior in this thread the moderator said they are working on it but I suspect the solution is years away. A few people suggest Wiser as this has a repeater.
    Good luck
  • Thanks I might have to send it back then if this is the case. It’s not fit for purpose in larger homes.
  • Hi @cbd20

    I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs, 'cos you have a load of experience with tado° devices 👍

    However, recently (last 3 months or so) , when I detect a couple/few "no remote access" occurrences with one device, I have now taken to change the batteries, even tho' there is no "low battery" indications/notifications. Every time I have done this, the "no remote access" issues disappeared completely.

    I'm pretty sure (read it in another post by a tado° employee) that tado° had (fairly recently) made an alteration to the " low battery" warning threshold, following some users comments regarding the different performance of rechargeable batteries. This seemed to coincide with the increase in my "no remote access" issues.

    I just thought that I would provide my own similar experiences with your issues.

  • I am using rechargeables. Is that an issue? I use the high capacity Duracells.
  • @CIW

    There are many users that are using rechargeable batteries without any, the actual use of rechargeable batteries is not in itself an issue.

  • Agreed. It seems to be working for me.
  • cbd20
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    @GrayDav4276 agreed, and next time this device misbehaves I'll be swapping the batteries out as a first step.

    Interestingly, it's started behaving again now, with no intervention from me! And if history tells me anything it'll probably be fine for a couple of weeks again.
  • Saw somewhere in this thread that applying tin foil behind the TRV increases the ability to pick up the signal, this worked really well for me. All rads now connected to Tado for the first time ever! Doesn’t look too pretty but very effective, perhaps an elegant signal booster like this could be designed by your hardware team?
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    i have a relatively large home and it seems the the internet bridge cannot cover all the devices i have. (2 thermostats, 12 radiator thermostats). it would be logical that i can install a 2nd internet bridge or some kind of range extender so that i can contact all my devices in 1 account. now i need to install 2 internet bridges on 2 different accounts which have other setbacks obviously.

  • I was wondering this myself as I have had some connection issues.

    Seems to me like a pretty simple change to allow more than one internet bridge. A lot of people with range issues in their home either have mesh wifi or powerline installed in some fashion.

    Its disappointing to see a lack of movement in this area.

  • I think tado should create / release a bridge holder to keep the bridge up straight since that seems to be the preferred position for better performance. These are devices with a nice design and shouldn’t have a hand made box to keep the bridge up straight.
  • I had to use white self adhesive Velcro which looks OK and allows you to fiddle with the orientation but it’s not very pretty
  • I wish to extend the range of Tado Radiators Cap.

    In my home I don't have signal.

    Thank you,


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    @Rob any updates?

    Surely a repeater should be relatively easy thing to produce?
  • Rob
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    No update. Our product cycles have deadlines shortly before the new heating season starts. I mean, that's when new products tend to be released.

    We are working on Thread compatibility. Assuming this comes, and although I'm confident it will I cannot give a 100% assurance at this point, it will be most likely either late summer 2022 or late summer 2023.

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    @rob can you confirm whether this new thread functionality is likely to be compatible with the v3 kit I bought 3 years ago?
  • Robbie
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    He can’t and he won’t. Tado is not great at easing the minds of troubled customers.
  • Anyone seen a link or place we can return them to?

    I got mine from Amazon so their normal return period has expired but I’m still facing the same issues.
  • Be patient. It’ll settle down. The guidance on batteries and internet bridge placement are both crucial.
  • +1 being able to pair another bridge in would be ideal.

  • I am disappointed in the Tado products and extremely disappointed in the response by Tado. This has been reported as an issue for years now and nothing has been done to fix it.

    I have made sure to leave a very clear review at all webshops where I have bought Tado products about both products and lack of response.