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  • RedTom

    This is a small quality of life suggestion.

    I have equipped my house with Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats in all rooms. When manually adjusting the radiator thermostat target temperature by hand, (turning the white freely-spinning plastic ring) they turn clockwise for hotter, and turn anti-clockwise to go cooler.

    This is the OPPOSITE of how most standard (non-smart) radiator thermostats work. (Clockwise for cooler and anti-clockwise for hotter.)

    Like many people, my family and I all have ingrained muscle memory from a lifetime of living with standard central heating. This means that every time we adjust a Tado radiator thermostat, we turn it the WRONG way at first, then have to turn it back to the right setting. This is annoying as it happens every time we adjust a radiator.

    May I suggest that Tado offers in the TRV settings menu an option to reverse the direction of adjustment for the hand control knob?

    Thanks RedTom

  • JESC

    My suggestion would be to allow the TRV's valve position to be left ready for the morning, the night before when the boiler goes off, but not call for heat until the morning schedule dictates, so as not to make any noise in the morning.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    I mentioned in a different thread that my tado TRV batteries are still going strong after a year or so. Additionally I rarely hear the TRVs changing setting unless I am looking for it and when I do they are certainly not noisy.

    These two issues may be the same underlying problem. If the valve is harder for the motors to adjust, they are likely to be noisier AND reduce battery life

  • mcdave1983

    At the moment, if you have both thermostats/radiator valves ans smart ac controllers, you cannot configure smart ac controllers and thermostats in the same room (thus, you have to create separate "virtual" rooms for the two purposes - eg. "living room (thermo)" and "living room (ac)".

    It would be very useful to be able to merge the devices in the same room corresponding to their actual physical position, and allow the smart ac controller to be set up as the master temperature sensor for the room where it belongs to and possibly integrate the two heating system during the cold season (allowing a better temperature and humidity monitoring/settings being away from the radiators, continueing to allow standalone A/C usage and remote control to cool the room during the hot season). The Auto-Assist feature would be even more useful and efficient combining the two heat sources together working in synergy.

  • mcdave1983

    It would be very useful to let the Wireless Temperature Sensor to activate the heating/bolier alone in a room without any smart radiator valve/thermostat.

    For example, in my 3-room flat I have one only room where a radiator is present but a radiator valve/thermostat cannot be installed because of spacing issues, whether in the other two rooms regularly installed thermostat and radiator valves/thermostats are present. When I try to raise the temperature in that specific room where only the wireless temperature sensor is present, the heater/boiler is not activated by the system (thus instead heating is successfully enabled if the settings is requested via HomeKit/Apple Home app/Siri command instead of using the Tado app, losing the smart programming and auto-assist features for that room). The desired and expected behaviour in this specific scenario would be to activate the heating leaving the radiators off in the other rooms, when applicable.

    I read that some other users were able to obtain this feature contacting the support and letting them configure the devices remotely, but this should be able to be configured by the end-user too (maybe in the case or future reconfigurations of the devices).

  • Tash

    I was wondering if we could add an actual boiler commanded 'ON' parameter to the app. 

    We currently have a parameter for Heating Activity but doesn't give a true representation of the actual time the boiler was commanded to 'ON' and this is obviously by design and we are still heating even though the boiler is not running.

    This would only be applicable for ON / OFF time relay systems and not duty cycle controlled.

    I think people may be misled by the 'Heating Activity' parameter and think their boiler is running for a considerably long time.

    Also as boilers can shut themselves down for periods to cool the commanded 'ON' time is also not a true representation of run time but it would be a very good indicator.

  • Tamarco

    @TheShark , Hi there I have the exact same setup you have 2 Smart Thermostat controlling 2 zone valves. I was wondering if you managed to resolve the issue? I'm planning on purchasing radiator valves for all my radiators but before I do I want to ensure this works. Thanks

  • Mac79
    Don’t know why, but the air conditioning controller does not come with a proper mounting bracket or screw holes. It just comes with a couple of very small adhesives.

    These adhesives don’t stick well to the device plastic back and the device falls off the wall in about a couple days.

    Please consider providing a mounting bracket or some stronger adhesive tape (e.g a piece of the 3M dual lock tape)
  • mcdave1983

    OK, this has been done by Lara from the Support Team creating a zone and mapping the wired thermostat as the main regulator of the zone for the entire home! This feature is shown in the web interface only and when trying to edit it, the website tells to contact the support because that feature is still under development. Instead, the feature is completely hidden in the smartphone app.

    Once the feature development will be finished, this will be a useful enhancement.

  • S_Horwill
    In efforts to reduce noise you may wish to check and install some plastic radiator bracket inserts. Traditionally used to reduce the 'ting ting' noise when radiators expand and contract, they also dampen the smart valve noise.
  • ahmedt
    I am having issues no heating. Ticket open with tech support
  • eughene

    As I use them on the same equipment used to cool the room in summertime, I’d need a way to keep open the Smart Radiator Thermostat regardless of the room temperature and without switching on the boiler, of course, thus a way to set “always open” (and also “always close” to support other use cases) disabling temperature control setting in the app would be useful, otherwise I’ve to remove the Thermostats in spring and reinstall them in autumn.

  • aiyah
    Please bring back Teach Tado
  • Nigelito
    Currently Tado is limited to 1 wireless receiver or extension kit per home. Please could this be changed to allow multiple wireless receivers. I currently have an extension kit controlling my hot water, but this is a large house with multiple underfloor heating zones. I would like to add additional wireless thermostats and receivers to control underfloor heating actuators that don’t currently have independent wired thermostats, but share a thermostat with other zones.
  • Could not agree more. It starts me that Tado wouldn't race to fix this to grab more market share. They are losing out to Evohome at the moment because of this.

    I have 3 heating circuits and one hot water, wired up to individual valves on separate pipe circuits. I am lucky in that for all of these circuits, I can use wired thermostats if I want to given how long ago it was all set up by the previous owner (although this is not ideal given the locations that some of these are in, so I am using one of these with a wireless one).

    It's got to be only a software change - why on earth would you restrict to just one?

    And the documentation is awful - it says on tado website that you can have one wireless receiver and one extension kit. It seems they don't mean that - careless wording.
  • markauk

    Geofencing works well for when we are in and out of the house during the course of a day. However, it isn't so helpful when we are away for multiple days. Geofencing turns the heating off just fine, but it only turns it on again when we are relatively close to home - nowhere near long enough for the house to properly heat up.

    Please could you the ability for me to tell Tado when I intend to get home in advance, so the house can be up to temperature when I arrive home. For bonus points, Tado could alert me if I haven't arrived home by the scheduled time, in case my plans change while away and I forget to update the expected arrival time.

  • ceeceedee
    edited November 2020

    Configuring Smart Radiator Thermostats to work with multiple heating circuits (e.g. separate upstairs and downstairs heating circuits, with each circuit controlled by a Smart Thermostat) is possible, but you will need to contact Tado technical support to correctly configure the system. It is not possible to do the complete configuration via the App.

    I have two heating circuits controlled by two Smart Thermostats and I have gradually been increasing the number of Smart Radiator Thermostats. Each time I add a new Smart Radiator Thermostat I have to get in touch with Tado and have them link the new Smart Radiator Thermostat with one of the Smart Thermostats.

    Without Tado's intervention the new Smart Radiator Thermostat will connect to the system ok, but it may or may not link to the correct heating circuit. Which circuit it connects to seems random, there might be some logic to it, but I have not been able to work out what it might be (and Tado support have said that there is no way for the user to do this).

    Tado support always tell me that it is on their job list to add this functionality to the App, but they have been telling me that for a few years!

  • Not answered yet? I've got the same question...

  • JerryK

    I do feel it is a significantly negative feature that my heating appears now to depend quite critically on a connection to tado servers. I do understand tado objectives and the commercial reasons for them, but ultimately, it is one matter to provide additional useful services via your servers but quite another matter to do so by increasing the dependency on yourselves for even the basic product functionality – with no real gain to you, I suspect. If more logic was built into or implemented in the hub, you could still request our data and add value by providing services that customers need/want. Alternatively, you could make available a mini server local app to allow customers to use a pc or phone, etc, to fulfil the Smart Schedules, Wall Stat (?) functionality as well as some configuration locally (and still send you telemetry data).

    People normally purchase heating/plumbing equipment hoping for a relatively long life, and while excessive dependence on proprietary systems is currently trending, most technical people I know (and others who understand) do not feel that after a significant capital outlay the customer should still experience what are basically unnecessary risks. Essentially, if not connected to your servers, it would appear that no functionality remains in your product that cannot be provided by the original mechanical TRVs, even without batteries! We all love tado and wish them well, but if anything happ;ened to them, our not inconsiderable capital investment in tado components risks going down the drain.

    I hope this makes sense and that ways can be found to reduce some of the less necessarily critical dependencies on an internet connection and on your servers.


  • I read a lot of these community message and just bought a bunch of Tado stuff.

    I COULD NOT AGREE MORE with what you say here!!

    Actually I have problems and NO reaction from TADO at all!

    I am strongly considering to sent it all back and (maybe) switch brands.

    Not that i want to, but i feel forced to abandon something i was ready to love.

  • chris_c

    Just installed 7 TRVs and noticed the heating coming on a few hours too early. Looks like I'll disable early start as its a waste of time.

    Not sure moving from Nest was the best decision. Hopefully Tado make some improvements

  • HGB
    HGB ✭✭✭

    Originally Tado promised they would implement the early start feature and improve it. For the time being they told me to disable it as it wouldn't function properly. Now, three years later, early start still doesn't work. New, uninteresting features seem to get priority.

  • qt12705
    Same issue here. Recently purchased TRV's for all of the bedroom radiators, set them to 7am start with early start enabled. Everyone was then woken up at 5 this morning when the heating switched on and the radiators jumped into life. I've disabled early start and just rescheduled for 20 mins earlier. Let's see if that's good enough in the morning.
  • Minnozz
    Currently in my graph, the horizontal grid lines are only show at 18 and 21 degrees, but the graph would be more easily readable if the were at every whole degree.
  • dalmata22

    Hi, can you please let me know if it’s possible to:

    1) get the current heating (or cooling) states, from A/Cs, thermostat, valves

    2) pause that for n minutes

    3) return to the previous heating/cooling states

  • dalmata22

    would it make sense to have on/off radiator valve WITHOUT any integrated temperature or humidity sensor?

    these valves should just be exposed to homekit, lying the logic somewhere else in the domotic system.

    my opinion is that temperature should not be read by devices installed on the radiator themselves

  • Hi there,

    I've been on the iOS beta programme for some time now, and was hoping to see some improvements on the app, but I've not really seen anything.

    I think the app has some real UX problems, the main one being the fact that there are waaaay too many clicks needed to get even the most basic tasks done.

    To change the temp in a room, I have to :

    1) Click on a room

    2) Click on the 'switch'

    3) Slide the switch up

    4) Click on the tick

    5) Click on the back arrow to get back to the home screen if I want to change another room

    Note that both the tick and the back arrow are hard to get to on a larger iPhone because they are just out of 'thumb reach' when holding the phone with one hand.

    Why not just have this:

    For quick setting:

    1) Clicking on a room toggles between on (set to previous temp) or off

    If you want to change the temp, press and hold to get a slider/access to the schedule/stats. When you are in this 'deeper' area, get rid of the tick - there is no need for it. The back arrow would suffice.

    Also add a swipe right that would do the same as clicking the back arrow. Then you don't need to struggle to reach it. This is a standard iOS app feature, so is used in many apps and people are used to doing it.

    Turning on the hot water is also a pain. You have to click on the water icon, click again, then swipe up the switch, then click back. Why not just toggle on/off with the first click. Press and hold can get you to a settings screen to set the schedule. Or at least remove the need for the 2nd click to get to the toggle.

    Managing schedules is a total pain. You should be able to copy from other rooms. You should also be able to put rads in zones so that you can set a schedule on a zone as a whole rather than every individual rad.

    There are loads more little things that could be done to make the whole experience so much better, and I would love to see some progress on that.


  • alterego
    Important feature!! Please fix
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