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  • RobB
    Hello all.

    Recently I have returned home after being away and wanted to switch some or all of my TRVs on before I get home, to heat the whole house.

    I know that I can do this for each one by overriding the schedule, but it takes time.

    Could an extra feature be added to either ‘group’ valves (like all bedrooms or day rooms) so that before arriving home you can with many fewer button presses switch them on or simply add a ‘all heat’ button with preset temperature and timer that can be pressed when switching to ‘home’ mode.

  • nitch
    I like tado and appreciate that it's a smart system but sometimes I just want the ability to turn the heating off and water off independently. I don't want to change every single radiator valve just to turn it off altogether. For me that's six valves and the main thermostat.
  • GoSt
    I have 3 radiator heads and one temperature sensor in one room as a test of equipment for a complete upgrade of the central heating system planned for spring 2021 ... But for an interesting reason I have to give up buying tado equipment (ca 2500 €) because I have a Huawei phone without google service ... I am disappointed.
  • Kevjan

    This would be a nice feature, a fix would be very welcome.

    It does start somewhere between an hour and 1,5 hour too early, that's a waste of energy.

  • Kevjan

    This would be a nice feature, a fix would be very welcome.

    It does start somewhere between an hour and 1,5 hour too early, that's a waste of energy.

  • Caldici
    This whole early start thing is a joke, I have had Tado for about 1yr now and do like it but I too found the heating to start 1-2 hours early with the feature turned on. This was also without any of the smart thermostats just using the v3 wall wireless unit.
    So to be clear this isn’t just a smart thermostat issue.
    Tado need to fix this and far as I am concerned they are selling something and advertising a primary feature that does not work and just wastes resources and money.

    Tado Please please please fix this.
  • alterego
    Indeed very strange this isn't working properly. Please fix!
  • HGB
    HGB ✭✭✭

    I'm afraid they won't. Tado's been asked to do this from the beginning. No results.

  • Agreed - this would make setups so much more flexible and must surely only require a software change?

  • Karine
    edited December 2020
    Hello, you can simply do this yourself! To do it login to your account online and assigning your radiator valve to a zone. The app doesn’t have that option yet!

    To do that go to the tado website, login, go to settings, select your radiator valve and scroll down and assign it to the correct zone thermostat.

    I can’t post a pic let me know if you’ve found it !

    Job done :)
  • ceeceedee

    Hi Karine,

    I would be interested to see more detail of how you have done this. I can certainly change which room an SRT is assigned to, but this does not always link the SRT to the correct heating circuit.

    I have two heating circuits, each controlled by a Smart Thermostat. If I have two SRTs in the "Living Room" zone, both linked to heating circuit 1, then I add a third SRT and also assign it to the "Living Room" zone, the third SRT might be linked to Heating Circuit 1, but there is also a chance it will be linked to Heating Circuit 2.

    I seems that just because the other SRTs in a zone are connected to a particular heating circuit, this does not mean that any new SRTs added to the same zone will be added to the same heating circuit.


  • Shiv

    So I was eventually able to get the support person to modify some settings and early start seems to be operating much more reasonably now.

    It's equal parts confusing and frustrating.

    I was pretty close to trying to implement my own software system for handling it, which is insane and also not an option open to everybody.

  • Caldici
    @Shiv so you know what the settings were that were changed? Can you please share?
  • mcth


    Just bought a bunch of valve for my house and discovered a bit the application.

    So far it seems working even if temperature does not seems to be as real as they should (maybe 1° or so above real temperature), anyway.

    I was wondering is there some kind of plan to put into the app some sort of multi planning ? And also a general one ?

    Let me explain the idea behind that.

    For the multi planning I would want something like Working planning so my house don't need to be heated during the day (so I would set my planning for all the room and when choosing this it will apply).

    And I would want to have a holiday planning (or working from home with the current situation) where I would be at home all day and so I would need the heat to be on all the time.

    I think it would greatly ease the management of the house.

    For the general planning I mean something like putting the same temperature + heating hours for multi room without having to change all of them manually and separately ( for bedroom for example). And when setting up inside a room specifically it would override this general planning.

    I don't know if this is something someone already asked but when searching I did not find any of this.

    For me it would really greatly ease the management of my heating system.


  • Mathos

    I would love to see this, turn of the warmth from the boiler in that room, and turn on the AC.

    As I see it, as 2 separate entities, the AC would cool it down to 18°C, and the heater is set to 20°C, so both would try their best constantly to get it either cold or warm.....

    Just couple them together, and let us decide who win, with the option to auto-climate the room.

    At this moment it is a separate room even (in my app at least)

  • Erinç

    As it can be seen from many topics on the forums, Tado bridge doesn't have the best coverage, especially in larger houses with multiple floors. But since the goal of Tado is to cover every room and/or zone with one of its devices, I think it's communication between Tado devices should be greatly improved to achieve a better user experience.

    I can verify with my setup (6 zones in 4 floors) that location of the bridge is very limited, as other than one specific hallway, all other locations and floors I tried to locate caused me at least 1 device being disconnected for the better part of the day. And to be exact, locating bridge to an optimum location doesn't always give the best quality in interior design, which you don't expect to get this result after having a system like Tado.

    I don't have the full technical background to give a very specific solution, but in my guess Tado bridge can either be re-designed in terms of internal/external antenna to have a better coverage, without the excuse of the interference since modern houses includes a lot of different wireless systems on different signal frequencies.

    Another option could be having a mesh network between Tado devices, so that bridge coverage could be extended beyond its hardware limits, especially in larger houses. If battery-power is a limit in case of a mesh-network solution, maybe a signal repeater, similar to Ikea Zigbee signal repeater, or having the ability to add multiple bridges into the network could be a solution.

  • stefr
    Also for having an option for this.
  • stefr
    Based on recent frustration with not knowing what was turning off the heating in my whole house during the night, and waking up with freezing temperatures, I think it would be good to allow users to view the logs to their system.

    I'm sure that having a place where users can see the activity in their own installation will reduce a lot the number of support tickets and customer satisfaction.

    As I understood the data is there, it just needs an interface, I'd be happy with even just time, user/integration and event (temperature up/down, device off/disconnected etc.).

    The temperature graphs are a start, and already have some of this information, but it does not show off events, user, or other non- temperature related events.
  • Shiv
    edited December 2020

    They didn't tell me exactly what they changed, but now instead of coming on 1 or 2 hours early (or more!) my TRV controlled rooms come on more like 20 minutes before the desired time and seem to hit the target temperature more or less when I need it to.

    In my discussion with the support person, I linked to this Reddit post that led me to believe that it should be possible for them to tweak something:

    The response I got was

    "It is possible to adjust some parameters, which I did now. But since your radiators are heating up so fast it has as good as no reason to use the Early start."

    Things look much better now. It's not a fixed time offset either and actually appears to be "smart" in the way I would hope for. I have two rooms scheduled to hit the same temp at the same time - 21 degrees at 14:45; today the warmer room (my kitchen) started heating up first, which is actually the correct behavior because that room takes longer to heat up because it's a bigger space, including a somewhat exposed extension.

    Here are my graphs from today.

    Living room started pre-heating at 14:11 temp was 15.1, target was 21 at 14:45. It reached 21 at 14:48.

    Kitchen started pre-heating at 13:56 temp was 16.4, target was 21 at 14:45. It reached 21 at 14:38

    All I can suggest is to be persistent with your requests, I guess?

    I was a bit bitter in my reply, which I slightly regret.

    I was advised that "We recommend to use the Early Start function in 1) big rooms with several devices or 2) systems that include an underfloor heating."

    I pointed out that my kitchen does have two devices in it, so I wasn't sure why that was a criterion. Also, ruling out rooms with only one radiator and one TRV seems to lock out probably 90% or more of rooms from one of the main advertised advantages of Tado - in the UK at least.

    EDIT: A better comparison of the temperature readouts for the two rooms and timings with the same scale on the vertical axis:

    Also EDIT: More like an hour ahead today, because it was actually needed. Other days I have seen it be a much lower lead time like the 20 minutes I mentioned. It's just I didn't realise quite how cold it had gotten lately! 😁

  • Robbie
    Robbie ✭✭✭

    Since 1 thermostat per room is sufficient, I’m looking for a way to remove other (radiator) thermostats from Homekit, from within the tado-app.
    At this time I’m looking at 5 devices per Homekit-room which all the the same ;)
  • Would be useful if there was a way to log when the boiler has been serviced or orther work done, and an option to get a reminder on when this is due again.

  • PerrierT
    edited December 2020

    I agree. I'm new to tado but using the chart is incredibly annoying at many points. For example it can't be used to see temperature data in a room for one night. Not a day. A night from eg. 8pm to 7am. This chart is incredibly limited.

    The overall usability (+look & feel) of the app (android and web) is nowhere to the devices you make.

    And I've just realized that this thread by @Vertigo is more than 1 year old and no one even answered to it.

  • We need the restrict the ability to heat up rooms, add devices etc for certain users on the app. For instance: A child / guest should not be able to add devices or change temperatures other than the designated areas.

    Such a simple feature yet this will probably be implemented in 2025 on this development rate.

  • Kingsley
    As has been reported on here, the result start feature does not work. I thought I'd try it again yesterday in the hope it had been fixed, with the onset of really cold weather. I set early start to make my daughter's room warm for 7am. 1:13am the heating turned on and stayed on all night. This is not only annoying due to the wasting of gas, it's dangerous to heat a baby's room all night long when they're not dressed for that temperature.

    Please make it work.
  • Kingsley
    Early start, not result start - autocorrect!
  • Exacly. I'm using homebridge plugin which does exacly that... it's exposses additional weather information and sun/light sensor in homekit. So Tado stuff is perfectly capable to do so...

  • I would want this too... i have 2 radiators + wireless temperature sensor so it gives me 3 tiles in homekit which is.... unnesesery...

  • GoSt
    please enable the use of the tado application on devices without google mobile services. ie. Huawei. .. thx
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