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  • A wired thermostat rated for higher current, to control mains hardwired electric underfloor, or infrared panel heating, etc, would be a worthwhile addition to their range I think.

    I have IR panel heating for my conservatory. I have another Alexa compatible wifi thermostat controlling that currently. But having now put Tado in for the gas central heating, having this secondary heating also integrated with Tado... and getting the benefit of open window detection, and whole house stats, etc, would be good.

    Having put the IR panel in the conservatory, I’m now thinking, once I get a planned solar PV installation, of adding some more panels, to augment / reduce the gas system use.

    Having integrated control via Tado would greatly improve that solution.
  • The Tado app really limits what you can adjust about your system. You cannot even adjust the temperature of the tap water (legionella) or the limits of your boiler system, which is ridiculous. You always need to make a support ticket which can take days or even longer. This can be adjusted on all other (smart) thermostats, why not on Tado?

  • Imagine if we were able to tweak this ourselves, instead of Tado treating us like not tech savy consumers. I'd wager that most of us are capable of setting up the early start function.

  • It doesn’t make sense for a consumer installed device to handle the switching of high currents. There’s a whole load of thermal design issues to deal with.

    A potential solution to the problem is to use a DIN rail mounted normally open 20A relay to switch the heating load, which keeps your expensive Tado safe and isolated. The relay does not have to go in your main enclosure, but can go in separate small enclosure near to the heat source.

    Speak to a qualified electrician, this must be done properly.

  • HGB
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    It would be great to have such features in a webbased surroundings, not in the app. That wayTado could give a 'master' user more rights to adjust these settings. Such a page would also solve the problem that all users can now change basic settings via the app, e.g. guests staying in your house can now change programs and settings.
  • Hi @Mywindowisyourhouse,
    This comment only helps if you have Alexa etc
    I adjust the Hot water temp by telling Alexa...."Alexa set Hot Water to xx"
    I currently have the Hot Water set to 38° during the day....and increase to 46° via Alexa when bathing/showering.
    I hope this info may be of use to you.
  • I would like to see a full health overview of all components in the tado° installation.
  • Would be nice to upload a diagram of the building floor by floor and map the components in that, with indication of temperature in that zone
  • Tado’s customer service might want to reconsider how they respond to questions about electric underfloor heating. The answer I got after multiple queries was that Tado simply doesn’t work with electric underfloor heating. Hence no instructions would be provided to help me install it. However, since my underfloor heating (175 m2) is turned on by a relais, itself operating on a weak current, which I kept explaining, I couldn’t understand why the Tado couldn’t do the job. Eventually I got my electrician to take a look, and he successfully installed the Tado in a few minutes. It works beautifully.

  • In the Netherlands boiler/heater mechanics have to set the water tempature at 60C because of legionella.

  • Also to select multiple time-blocks at once to change them with a single edit action.
  • Hi @GrayDav4276,

    I currently have one device. I have no problem with the range of the graph, but I would like to see extra horizontal grid lines at each whole degree (so at 18, 19, 20, 21 degrees) instead of only on 18 and 21 degrees.

  • I've just tweeted on the tado site (I actually went ahead and created a twitter account just to do this)
    I suggest everyone do the same.
    I may also look for the tado reviews saying how great they are and tweet to their twitter accounts as well.
    Tados excuses about room size and number of valves is ridiculous.
    They need to be forced to fix it.
  • Hi @Minnozz,
    Ah..... I see
  • Hi @Mywindowisyourhouse,
    My boiler is a "combi boiler" and doesn't store water in a I'm assuming that the legionella issue is 'not' an issue. I stand to be corrected on that tho' I'm not an expert.
  • It would be great if the tiles for rooms on the Home display of the app showed if manual control was in effect. If you have a large number of rooms, it is time consuming to go through them all to check. Whilst you’re at it, there is plenty of space on the tiles, so why not show the squiggly lines for heat demand too? That would be quicker to visually assess than the ‘Heating to xxº’ labels IMO.

  • I generally have smart schedules set up for each room, but occasionally need to make a change in one room only for that time. I should be able to set to revert to normal after an hour (or some other set time) but right now the only option is another manual change or until the next change in the smart schedule. This would be extremely easy to implement.

  • samd
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    @Kurdtdt Go to Settings>Rooms and devices then select the room (not the device) Then select 'Manual Control on tado device then click it again on the following screen which gives you the options available.

  • Thanks, but I still don't see why they wouldn't make that an option on the main screen and make it changable at the user's will each time. And, that's only for manual control of the physical device, not for digital control. I really think this makes no sense.

  • Allow for grouping rooms to follow same smart schedule.

    Can be done with expensive thermometer, but please alow for this even without extra device. I jut want to easily adjust smart schedule for many rooms in one go.

  • Being able to get a reminder x minutes after an "Open window detected" is a "MUST HAVE BASIC FUNCTIONALITY".

    - You should be able to configure it in the app to remind yourself after a set time of you own choosing.

    - You should be able to configur you own reminders and/or actions with IFTTT.

    Current way it works, where the open window is detected, heat turned off for 15 minites, but then turns on heat at full throttle if outside temperature is significantly lower than the set temperature is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Forget an open window once a week for a couple of hours when its freezing outside and Tado blasts away any energy savings it gives you.

  • GrayDav4276
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    edited December 2020
    Hi @Kurdtdt,
    I'm not 100 % sure if I'm understanding your issue....but.
    1. If you follow the instructions that @samd provided then you can select a length of time (for a manual change) that you think is likely to be appropriate for that specific room.
    2. If when you make a change within the App (a digital change) you can adjust the 'slider' setting to provide a specific timescale for the action/adjusted setting temp. Please note that once you have set a 'slider' position (for example 30 mins or 1 hour) then every subsequent digital (in App) change will bring up this timescale (slider position) for this room. The 'slider' position can then be altered if required.

    I'm not sure that many people realise that this option is possible.

    This is not an option available on the home must select the specific room first....obviously.
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @GrayDav4276 Para 2 above is an eye-opener for me - thanks. Had always assumed it was tado selecting whatever time it fancied!!

  • Hi @samd,
    Well that's how it works for me anyway ✔️
  • Thanks @GrayDav4276. That answers it.

    Sorry for my screwing up the lingo!

  • Bump.

    This is stupid. I want to set the temperature higher than 25 in the bathroom, swimming pool and sauna.

  • Mentioned the same suggestion more than a year ago in the Dutch community. But till now I have the same issue and no real development. But the more people will let Tado know, hopefully this will set some wheels in motion.
  • Hi Tado team,

    First of all thank you for the great product. I really enjoy it - it’s great! And yet I have a suggestion to improve it by adding geofencing per family member assigned to each own room.

    It would be fabulous if some rooms go automatically in anti frost mode when a family member who lives in that room left the house.

    Right now I need to adjust their smart schedule manually to low temperature till a family member who lives there returns home.

  • Hi @Kurdtdt,
    I don't think you screwed up the lingo at all.
    I just hope my answer was/is helpful.
  • This is already possible. The hot water can be switched on directly from the icon on the home page, and to turn on the heating you only need to change one thermostat or TRV, not all of them.

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