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  • adeward
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    I asked the same question recently and was told that it isn’t possible out the box, but if it’s switched by a low power relay then it should be fine - as you’ve discovered.

    That said, I do feel Tado should not limit themselves to gas/oil based heating systems - most new build homes in the EU these days have to use green heating by law (ie. electric as a basic green solution), so for Tado to stay relevant they need to be providing solutions for electric components.

    Another possible product: a temp sensor and 230v 15A wall mount relay, that fits a standard size pattress box and appears as a standard Tado device but also can be used to switch underfloor heating/electric rads/etc.
  • adeward
    edited December 2020
    Currently the approach of using a single device as a Measuring Device for each room is flawed and limited.

    Quite often the temperature at my TRVs is lower than at my Thermostat because they are near external windows, whilst my Thermostat is nearer to a fireplace, so is often reading a higher temp than might be correct in the middle of the room, for example.

    I could move the thermostat but would prefer not to due to convenience, and not being able to find a good place that reads a realistic value. I could use Offset settings to fake the sensor’s reading, but the weather and my fireplace are not consistent offsets, so this isn’t feasible.

    Neither the Thermostat or TRV readings alone are very accurate as both are subject to these occasional and unpredictable fluctuations. Being able to select more than one device, and have Tado use an average of all those device’s sensors to decide what a room’s temperature is would provide a much more accurate and realistic setup.

    Surely, the more sensors there are in a room, the more accurate and informed the energy savings can be?
  • MarkW

    I use the early start feature on a number of rooms but would like to disable it at certain times I.e. I would like it on in the morning but not in the evening. Would it be possible to have the early start assigned to a time zone rather than a heating zone?

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭


    to turn on the heating you only need to change one thermostat or TRV, not all of them.

    Please explain against the issue 'ability to turn off all heating'

  • Yes, please. Totally agree this would be a VERY helpful feature, ensuring many houses pipes during winter.

    Optimally it would be a frost protect that you can set the threshold on yourself. Like starting at 8c, 3c or other.

  • We recently suffered a loss of physical landline, resulting in no internet connection.
    We had to wait four days for OpenReach to come and replace the broken cable, during which time we had no access to our Thermostat via the App.
    We had a bit of a cold snap at the same time and had to go back and forth to the thermostat to get the heating to come on (and adjust temp) outside the programmed times.
    It would be ideal to still be able to control the stat from the App when we are at home, with both the App and Phone sharing the same wi-fi network.
    Could this feature be enabled, to make the control work over local network when at home, so that any loss of internet does not affect local control of Heating?
  • mfascia
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    I have 7 radiators all fitted with a smart valve and a boiler (flexibility 30cx) that will keep the pump running for about 5 minutes after the heat stops.
    The problem with that setup is that by the time the pump will stop, it’s quite likely that one of the radiators will need some heat and therefore the boiler will fire up again. This results in the boiler pump to run 24/7 in the winter, and the boiler going on/off a lot.

    I have 2 suggestions on how this could be improved:
    - have a (configurable) minimum amount of time before firing the boiler again
    - have a hysteresis pattern in each rad so you can have different temperatures to start and stop asking for heat. You could set things like “when the temperature drops below 18*c, heat the room up to 21*c, then stop”, allowing for crating a delay inbetween two subsequent boiler firings.
  • Allow multiple of these per account to show control of multiple heating circuits with wireless receivers.
  • It would help with those (quite a few) people who have range issues.
  • Hi community! This is my first contribution! I have many TADO thermostatic valves 10, plus the bridge and the thermostat. But also I have three little children! And here it comes my Idea! Unfortunately there is no way to stop them touching the valves, and I am forced to continually monitor the state of the heating to avoid excessively heat or cool the house because of their tampering. So my proposal is to have more triggers from TADO like the change status to manual so I can create an alert from TADO and set the status back to automatic, and while I'm at it, I'd like to have also humidity threshold triggerable.

    I hope this proposal can be shared by many and implemented as soon as possible!

    Thank you community!

  • shallax
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    I completely agree with the sentiment and the proposed solution. I think this one is important.

    Radiator valves have existed for decades. In that time, expectations of how they operate have built up. Muscle memory has developed that leads to me instinctively believing that screwing in a radiator valve to close it, and that unscrewing it will open it.

    I feel that Tado's decision to reverse this well-established behaviour is a design oversight. These TRVs operate more like a traditional wall thermostat or an amplifier volume control than the device they skeuomorphically replace.

    As a solution: give people the choice. It's hopefully not too much of a challenge to add this setting to the device firmware and allow it to be set via the app.

  • Falkner

    I love the new feature, Care and protect. But it would be a major improvement if the Heating Activity was shown for each radiator.

    I have two radiators in my living room. It would be nice to know if one of them was heating for 5 hour a day and the other for 8 hours.

  • Agreed. There seems to be no logical reason for 25c as a max.
  • I really like this idea. I would really use this for certain rooms at night.

    It would avoid the central heating to heat up every few minutes for a few minutes. Instead it would heat up a room when it gets beneath the minimum setting and heat it up to the maximum setting and then letting it cool down to minimum before again heating it. Right now my system activates about 10 times an hour for only one room. Wouldn't it be "better" to let it heat for a longer period of time?

  • Hi there,

    Is there a chance of adding a single tile that allows to heat all the rads instead of adjusting each one & the option to trickle heat all rads through that tile.
  • Hi, this feature misses a lot on Tado. Please do allow a lock through the app or a security move to lock/unlock the TRVs themselves directly.
    Do you imagine having half your TRVs reachable to a child who just will constantly bring the manual temperature to its maximum all the time ? It means that for all homes with a child, Tado is actually worse than keeping the old valves.

    If you think that feature is useful, just create a new topic and let’s flood this forum until they finally implement the feature after a 4 years wait 😂
  • what_a_tado
    edited December 2020

    There is already an active suggestion which you may want to add your vote to.

    I doubt that flooding the forum with separate posts is going to achieve much.

  • Jazzbongo_123
    edited December 2020
    I'd like to be able to boost all radiators without having to go into each room tile and set them manually. I don't have Alexa or anything like that. I just want to do this from the Tado app. You can have the slider to choose how long the boost applies (specific duration or until the next scheduled change for each TRV)
  • Would be good to have the fan mode show up in the Apple Home app for the Smart AC product
  • rgaddw
    edited December 2020

    I’d like to see the ability to set the temperature on the radiator thermostat like I can on the main thermostat. For instance, I can select 23.5c on the main thermostat (my ideal home temperature) but on the tado radiator thermostats, it’s only rounded to the next whole number so you basically have 22c,23c,24c etc so this doesn’t then correspond to the main thermostat I’ve set at 23.5 so my heating keeps turning on and off on different radiators if I’m .5 off. For you to add this software update would be a great addition and easy to do I’m sure! 😀

    Also, the ability for more info to be shown of which window was detected open within the ‘air comfort’ screen, as it advises one found open within the last so many minutes/hours etc but not which room or for how long. How much better would it be to have more info available to us where it could inform of what room windows it believes were open and at what times. I believe these 2 suggestions to be of good additional benefit to Tado Owners.

    Many Thanks
  • Our house has a traditional heating system with radiators and a "furnace" (CV in dutch). 

    I equipped al radiators with smart thermostats, and in the living room we have a Smart wall thermostat. This system works well. 

    We also have a Heat pump airco (HVAC system), which we can use for cooling in summer, and heating in the winter. I am thinking about buying the Taco AC airco controller, but I read it is not communicating in a smart way with the existing wall thermostat, and it just forms its own separate room. 

    I have a big solar array, so heating the living room with natural gas if not absolutely necessary, is not smart. Also, heating the living room in the morning is a fast way of heating the room and it saves a lot of gas. 

    In my opinion, it should be a fully integrated system, where an owner can set his heating preferences (gas vs electricity) based on either: 

    -Device priority

    -Personal preference

    -The price of the energy source 


    -Using only when solar array is generating energy for these countries without net metering (saldering in NL)? Using the Api of many Invertor vendors or data via local tcp modbus. I have a SolarEdge system with an energy monitor on top. 

    -etc etc

    This seems like a nice challenge to develop the system further IMO.

  • Hi @ceeceedee , you can access this functionality by visiting the website and clicking on the room. From there you can find ability to assign zones.
    Its tricky to find but is there 🙂
  • @Mooresy and @Karine - Thanks for the advice, I have finally managed to find it! I can't believe the number of discussions I have had with Tado Technical Support on this issue and they have never pointed me in the direction of their website. Attached (hopefully), for anyone else who struggles with this issue, is a screen snip of the website with the "Heating Zone" section highlighted.

  • What does the independent option do?
  • It would be nice to see the individual room humidity readings without going into each individual tile / room.
  • Heleen_60
    edited December 2020

    Hi ahmedt

    After reading this useful thread, I'm also wondering this about the Independent option. I have several SRTs and only one Thermostat. I'd like to separate some of the SRTs so they don't switch on the whole heating system when they call for heat, and I wonder if this is the way to do it?

  • Hello @ahmedt and @Heleen_60,

    My best guess would be that "independent" would only be an option in situations where you have no control over the boiler for a particular zone (i.e. it is assumed that hot water is available to that zone at all times).

    If you have a Smart Thermostat which controls the boiler then the SRT needs to ask the Smart Thermostat to tell the boiler to supply hot water. For a radiator to heat it needs a supply of hot water and it needs the SRT to open to allow the hot water to flow through the radiator.

    If you have several SRTs and one Smart Thermostat then it is possible to have individual control over the rooms/radiators with the SRTs fitted. However, you will not be able to have separate control over rooms where SRTs are not fitted. These rooms will receive hot water any time the Smart Thermostat requests hot water. So the non-SRT rooms will always receive hot water whenever the SRT rooms are being heated.

    If you have a mixed system (i.e. some rooms with SRTs and some rooms without) then it is better to think of the SRTs as tools to stop heating rooms you don't want heated, rather than tools to heat rooms you do want heated

  • Heleen_60

    Thank you ceeceedee. Yes I think I was misinterpreting the option, and reading (hoping) that the Independent option was also for the SRVs, but it's only for the thermostat :(.

  • Hmmm So when i set the independent option this will rely on the smart themostat stats on the zone to all the heat and during that time it will regulate the temp? I guess the smart schedule will be avoid for that STRV or I totally misread.
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