Smart Ac control 10°C setting



  • Please Update the Winter function status
    It’s needed now
  • I can only add to the increasing choir. We need the 8/10 degree function now or the product is useless.
  • Another Nordic customer, very disappointed in my recently discovered useless device. I need it to keep a low temperature as frost protection and as remote preheating for the home away from home.
  • Tado, What is the status of this subject? You need to help us find a solution now!! Another winter is coming!

  • Very important to get this function into the tado ac controller!

  • Another vote for this - even a frost protection of 5C would be useful (although if you could set scheduled temperatures lower than 15 that would do it).

  • I have a problem setting my temp lower than 16 degrees to. but couldnt you just use the schedule setting and just make the pump heat for about 4 hours in the middel off the day, i know the temp will swing a little up and down but it could work instead off holding the temp at 16 degrees all day long. what are your thoughts?

  • Come on TADO! - we need this 8/10 feature in the winter time. How difficult could it be to change the app/device?

  • I need the T8/T10 setting too or I have to send this back to the shop.
  • Not having the 10 deg C is a deal breaker, Im looking for, other solutions soon...

  • Totally agree on this point. I bough a unit to replace a broken remote in our summerhouse in Denmark. It has worked flawless but when I wanted to close the summerhouse down for the wintertime I couldn't find this option.

    What is the status on this request? It should be a simple feature to include when you already got the connection to the unit? Otherwise just enable to set the temperatur lower than the normal 16 degress C.

    Otherwise - I love the simplicity of the design and everything has been working perfect from day 1. Just add this option and everybody will be happy 😉

  • Come on ! How hard can it be to program the option of a 5 degree setting. In the Nordic countries this is a MUST.

    It is a wonderful device during the 3 seasons, when I live in the house, and there is no frost. But in the wintertime, I have to disable TADO and leave the heater in charge of frost protection. Thus being unable to preheat the hous from home.

    Even a frost warning would be welcome, as I can turn on the heat then.

  • This is really important to me! I bought my airconditioning units to heat as well as cool. During the night I'd like my room temperature to be raised to 16 degrees. Doing this with a modern airconditioning is much cheaper than using my central heating... All you need to do is change a variable to make a lot of people happy, how hard can it be?

  • I second everyone’s previous comments. My question is if anybody have a idea if it could be implemented with a software update? Otherwise I will start to look for another brand. Would be a shame since it’s a nice product aside this. / from Sweden
  • I also agree this feature is really missing and I was surprised to find out. Please fix. The use case is very common when having a second house.
  • Another +++ on this feature request of having lower temp in heat mode for the same reasons (summer house during winter in the Nordics). I was also disappointed to find the lack of this feature on Tado so I had to keep my GSM/SMS option :-/

  • We as unsatisfied customers has now raised this to Tado since October 2019, and it seems that nobody at Tado take this problem so serious that they even bother to answer. I have now bought a competitor product that works perfect. I can only recommend that you buy a unit called "Climatech CTSmall" this works perfect with the 10 degree C heat setting.

  • I would very much like to see this feature implemented.
    Can someone from Tado please comment on this feature request
  • Blicher
    edited March 26
    It seems like the new update may solve the problem. I’ll try it out
  • Have just been in contact with Tado support. The update does NOT solve the problem. We have now raised the topic for over 20 month. Tado haven’t even commented..
    We just have to realise that the arrogance of this firm is unlimited.
    And conclude that the AC-control is near to useless in scandinavian conditions

    Spread the word.
  • I'm really concerned that tado does not even care to comment a such high requested feature like this. @Blicher , do you know any other brands that provides this functionality? I am going to replace my tado asap.

  • larsormstrup_1969
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  • achtung
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  • Germán
    Germán | Admin
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    Hello achtung and larsomstrup_1969,

    In the rules of the suggestions category you can find how the community forum works and why we're not engaging in every single conversation. We will only inform about upcoming features when the development is in a state that we consider close to implementation.

    As you are participating in the community, you must be aware that we are listening to the requests here, and in the last year we've already released 8 out of the top 10 most voted features. In addition to others that weren't that much voted but were sensible (eg. VoiceOver integration).

    If you're curious about how much actual interest this "High requested feature" has for the tado customers, we can share with you that this topic is the 33rd most voted at the moment. With a 60% of the total votes that the 10th one has.

    The voting will of course remain open to gather the opinion of any good willed customer that's interested in us to develop this feature.

    Best regards,


  • And hello to you Germán, Tado

    Very nice to hear from you; I can only second what others have stated before. And add, that all requests are not created equal... or rather there are differences in terms of which region, as in this case, they pertain to, and also the effort associated with implementing them. Seemingly your way of prioritizing change-requests is somewhat rudimentary if this is a true picture of how you operate. Also I find your use of "" in your reply extremely condescending considering people are putting in the effort to help you improve your product.

    Over and out,


  • I must agree with the others here that missing of this feature has been a major disappointment for me, and I could not even imagine that it is not supported. It does not seem like a big deal to implement, so while I understand that requests have to be prioritized, I wonder why not take a look at what implementing this would mean and at least give a yes/no/maybe answer. And make a number of customers happy - or save some future customers from an unpleasant surprise of not having a feature that one would take granted (like I did.)

    However, for the next winter I need this solved. If not by Tado, then I have to invest in another product.

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