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Multi Home Support



  • StJozef

    I need this too!!! badly! logging in between home and office is tedious!

  • Guidog_1
    I need this as well! What I currently do is use one through the app the other through the browser but this is not user friendly. I will try whether home kit allows to switch between locations. But this is just a workaround.
  • Maximilian

    I've the same problem

  • JohnS

    I would like to buy a Tado system for another house, but unless I can use the same app on my phone, covering multiple houses, it is likely that the simplest solution will be to buy a competitive product for the second house. Otherwise I would have to have more than one instance of the app with different accounts.

    Is that possible? How do I do it? Is there any plan to include this feature in new software releases?

  • Been discussing Tado with landlord friends & how great Tado is for HMO’s as I have one set up on a 7 bed property that’s saving me a bundle
    However, I want Tado on my own home & app also but can’t.
    Sadly advising this to my Landlord colleagues has immediately put Tado out of the equation - an opportunity missed if you think how many hmo landlords there are seeking savings/profits.

    Unfortunately I won’t be supporting Tado for my own property & will look for alternative to retain single device use.
  • sferroni
    edited February 2020

    I bought a second Tado for my vacation home, with a couple of intelligent thermostatic valves.

    Hope that Amazon will get everything back, I do not know what to do with an "intelligent" thermostat that I cannot fully interact with.

    Sadly, I was enthusiastic about it.

  • sferroni

    As a workaround, you could simply release an identical Tado app, called Tado2 or Tado 2nd Home.

    Users should install a second app and they should have still to register with two email addresses, but features like geofencing would be available.

  • timavo

    I need multihome support! Please include this functionality!!

  • Greenwolf

    I would like to use Tado in my house and appartement. It seems I can only install one bridge per account. I would be really interested in this feature!!!! If possible also update the smart assistants support eg Alexa - skills , so they can handle this.

  • Acido
    Exactly the same problem that many of you reported. Two small apartments in two different location but jut one account... one apartment can be managed using all the feature of the tado app (geolocation and so on), the other must be set to “manual” and has no intelligent feature. I mentioned this problem to tado LOOOOONG ago, when there was not even a payment plan. They said it was in their “future feature list”. Since then NOTHING happened. My biggest fear is that, once they implement it, it will be a pay per use option...

    This would really disappoint me and all the customers that believed in tado so much to buy multiple devices.
  • TomGriffco
    Same. Have Tado at home - liked it thus installed at office. We have HomeKit at the office for Apple TV etc. Geofencing across two locations is a bare minimum requirement, full HomeKit desirable for Principal home, office, 3rd location.
  • jtwoodfield

    Two homes

    This requirement has been the subject of complaint not for months but for years now.

    When Tado published what they had in line for the future they promised this. It is an obvious need.

    Yet shamefully they have done absolutely nothing to meet the need. Instead they try and foist upgraded software at a price on existing users. Which is outrageous.

    Nor, for that matter, have they modestly redesigned their kit so that the thermostat can use existing power from the mains instead of being wholly reliant on batteries. Great. I cannot visit my other home due to the Corona virus restrictions. Others will more generally have the problem when the home is in another country.

    I have come to the conclusion that this is a firm that now neither listens or cares. I used to recommend their kit. I am not going to do so any longer.

  • +1 for this feature.

    Have 3 homes to manage, and in one of them more than 10 valves, which requires a second bridge.

  • Have two homes and would love to install Tado in my office. Please please please add this feature soon!

  • Kunci

    Any news about this feature? I have 10 radiator thermostats, 3 smart thermostat, extension kit, etc. at home, and 4 smart ac controller in my office. I very need the multihome support, because I use the Tado app in my office on my phone, and my home system in web admin. I want to use geofence too at home.

  • I have been using Tado for over 3 years now.

    I have introduced Tado to friends and family.

    I have even installed Tado to my parents home and their summer house (both in Greece). It's too complicated for them to swap accounts. Please add multi-home support.

  • Dennisko
    edited October 2020
    I have the same problem. Was really willing to invest with the ac units and radiator knobs for 2 homes. No multihome function still and no response from Tado. I lost my trust in this.
    Will be selling my tado thermostat and go another route. Pitty...
  • EdG

    Just bought Hive for my 2nd home due to this deficiency.

    Hive does the job, but nowhere near as neat as Tado - for example you can't see when the heating has been on, and temperate is only logged hourly for the last 2 days... and only viewable on the web site not the app!

    Tado would have made another sale and had another happy customer if they'd just added this :(

  • Same problem here. I recommended TADO to my girlfriend, and now we have 2 systems, one in my house, one in hers.

    We regularly move from one to the other, often independently, and there is no good way at present to use TADO properly in both homes without the tricky workaround mentioned above.

    Just look at how NUKI inplemented multi-home support, it’s perfect.
  • Just bought 3 starter kits and 16 additional valves for some mixed use properties I have.
    My idea was to make management of the heating systems easy as I include heating in the rents. I didn’t even consider this would be a problem! It really is a big problem too. Such a simple but powerful feature to have.

    May have to return the kit. Is anyone aware of other brands that have this functionality?
  • kbr

    +1 from me and surely would provide a major sales boost for Tado. I am installing in my main house now but two other properties will now either get an alternative, or they will have to wait. You would think this should be such an easy thing for one competent developer to fix it amazes me that its not being addressed.

  • jw79900

    +1 from me too. Will surely be buying 2 more thermostats (for my parents & vacation house) if this would be supported.

  • I also want to switch between my home and office but waiting for the solution from tado.

  • P_K

    I've been able to control a second home using "Dual Apps" feature on mu android mobile so can have Tado installed twice under different accounts. Only problem is I now need to control a third home and logging in via an internet browser or logging out/ in is a right faff.

    Any progress on a Tado improvement to suport multiple homes?

  • Hello,

    I have the same request. I've just bought a new Tado Kit for my second house and it would be so convenient to have a multi-home capacity instead of switching between account.

    At least, Tado could simplify the switching accounts process...

    It's a pity for Tado to have happy customers for a first equipment and to discourage them to equip a second house (vacation, office, rent)


  • What really annoys me in this discussion is the lack of response from Tado. My house has two boilers. I really need this support. Google home doesn't support dual Tado accounts either. What a pain.
  • HHH

    Same issue for me... i have Tado at my 2 houses, but will not buy for summerhouse and office, as handling 4 accounts would just be insane (2 is bad enough already).

    I don't understand the business decision not to add this feature, as it's clearly holding back a lot of sales.

  • gpc

    Same for me...i have Tado in my 2 houses. I've bought second sure the option was avaiable,!

  • Come on guys, give us some feedback! I really need to install 15 thermostats in my main home and also I need Tado in my vacation home. Is this work in progress at least ? Do we get an ETA ? Thanks
  • Multiple home management is a topic required by many users in a lot of countries!
    Moreover it should be a priority for Tado company, otherwise a lot of satisfied customers are obliged to buy competitors devices to manage heating system in second houses or offices!!!
    Is this topic known? Its solution is forecasted?
    Thank you!